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**Organizing for Success: Designing a New Feature for Slack**

Slack, a popular communication platform, frequently received requests from users to have a feature that allows the addition of people to a direct message. Designing this feature seemed like a straightforward task, but it turned out to be more complex than anticipated. In this article, we will explore the process of designing this new feature for Slack, which was implemented across multiple platforms, including desktop, mobile, and iPad.

**Being Organized: The Key to Efficient Design**

Designing a new feature requires a high level of organization. Our design team used Figma, a design tool, to keep everyone on the same page. The Figma design file was meticulously organized by platform and project stage, with each page illustrating user flows. Furthermore, each user flow was tagged with relevant labels such as “WIP,” “Needs Content,” or “Ready to Build.” This level of organization allowed engineers to know exactly what tasks were ready for them to tackle and which ones were still being iterated upon. Regular updates and feedback were provided through Figma, minimizing confusion and miscommunication between designers and engineers.

**Embrace the Power of Limited Screen Real Estate**

Throughout the project, we focused on designing for mobile devices first. The increasing usage of mobile devices for work and remote communication made it essential to prioritize the “on the go” user experience. Designing for small screens forced us to identify what elements were truly valuable to the end user and find the most efficient ways to provide them. It’s not just about fitting everything on the screen; it’s about understanding the user’s goals and delivering them seamlessly. By considering mobile devices initially, we ensured a mobile-friendly experience that retained users and accommodated their evolving needs.

**Celebrating Milestones: Acknowledging Hard Work**

In the midst of our busy work lives, it’s crucial to take a moment and celebrate major milestones. The completion of a complex project like this requires the collective effort of an entire team. Celebrating milestones not only gives credit where it’s due but also strengthens relationships among team members. It can be as simple as organizing a virtual team happy hour or planning a trip together. Recognizing and appreciating the hard work put into a project fosters a positive and collaborative work environment.


Designing a new feature for a platform like Slack is no easy task. However, by staying organized, considering limited screen real estate, and celebrating milestones, we were able to successfully design and implement the “Add to MPDM” feature across multiple platforms. This project taught us the importance of effective communication, teamwork, and acknowledging hard work. As designers, we must continue to prioritize user experience and work collaboratively to create innovative and intuitive features.

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