“Discover the Powerful Impact of a Single App Feature in Alleviating Human Anxiety | Written by Ankita Gupta | May 2023”

Managing Waiting in Apps with Live Activities
Waiting for something can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially when using mobile apps to order food, rides, or other services. During these waiting periods, our minds tend to jump to worst-case scenarios, such as loss, delay, or unlikely events. But why do we conclude only negative thoughts during waiting times? Understanding the psychology behind waiting can help application developers improve user experience.

Psychology Behind Waiting
One reason for negative thoughts during waiting times is the “fight or flight” response in our brains. This response is designed to keep us safe from perceived threats. When we are waiting for something, our brains perceive the lack of control and uncertainty as a threat, leading to worst-case scenarios.

Introducing Live Activities in iOS 16
Apple has sought to address this problem by adding the Live Activities feature in iOS 16. This feature helps users stay on top of real-time updates, such as sports games, workouts, ride-shares, or food delivery orders right from the lock screen. By providing accurate and timely updates, apps that adopt this feature can enhance user trust, reduce anxiety, and improve the overall user experience.

Benefits of Live Activities for App Developers
Several companies, including Uber, Swiggy, and Steps, have already adopted this feature, leveraging the benefits of real-time updates. This feature can also help businesses optimize their operations by providing real-time data on user behavior and preferences. Incorporating this feature in apps can help developers to improve user experience, minimize anxiety and build trust, ultimately leading to increased user engagement and retention.

Waiting can be nerve-wracking, but developers can manage users’ anxiety by providing accurate and timely updates through Live Activities features. By improving user experience, developers can increase user engagement, retention, and optimize their business operations. As the Live Activity feature gains popularity, it will be interesting to see how businesses incorporate this feature and improve the overall user experience.

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