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**Title: The Untold Story of “Pearl”: A Movie Review by Matt Phillips**

In this in-depth review, Matt Phillips dives into the prequel to director Ti West’s hit horror film “X” – “Pearl”. Starring Mia Goth, this captivating tale takes place in the year 1918, offering a glimpse into the past of the mysterious old woman from “X”.

“Pearl” follows the young and vibrant Pearl as she navigates life on the farm amidst the challenges of her coming of age, her husband’s absence due to war, and the complexities of her family dynamics. Similar to “X”, this film is a slow burn that gradually builds up to intense thrills and chilling revelations.

Drawing parallels to the film “Auto Focus”, Matt highlights the clever storytelling technique employed in “Pearl”. As the protagonist’s journey unfolds, the tone of the movie shifts, mirroring the transformation of the character from innocence to darkness.

Mia Goth’s standout performance in “Pearl” as the central character is praised by Matt, with a particular mention of a captivating six-minute scene that showcases her exceptional acting range. The supporting cast adds depth to the narrative, offering insights into Pearl’s relationships and motivations.

“Pearl” not only serves as a standalone character development piece but also adds layers of context to the world of “X”. Exploring themes of hardship, isolation, and the impact of the Spanish flu pandemic, the film intertwines historical elements with horror elements seamlessly.

With its daylight setting and nuanced storytelling, “Pearl” emerges as a must-watch horror film that surpasses its predecessor in many aspects. Matt awards “Pearl” with an A- rating, urging viewers to experience this unique and well-crafted cinematic gem that deserves more recognition in the horror genre.

For more insightful movie reviews and recommendations, stay tuned to Matt Phillips Reviews. Don’t miss out on the post-credit scenes, as Ti West hints at the possibility of further exploration in this haunting universe. Until next time, see ya!

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  1. Yup, just saw this one on Thursday night. My pick for the Oscars and other awards is still Michelle Yeoh – for Everything Everywhere All at Once – but Mia Goth has definitely given her some competition just for that kitchen scene alone!

    And I can't wait for MaXXXinE!

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