Revamp: Kelly Gibson’s Insightful Journey as a Public School Educator in the Real World

Meet Kelly Gibson: A Remarkable Teacher

In this episode of Remarkable People, Guy Kawasaki sits down with the remarkable Kelly Gibson, an English teacher at Rogue River Junior/Senior High School in Oregon. In this interview, Kelly talks about what motivates her to teach and what it’s like to be a teacher in a small community.

The Importance of Teachers

Guy Kawasaki starts off the interview by expressing his admiration for teachers, calling them the “true heroes in society.” Kelly agrees, saying that teachers are motivated by the knowledge that what they do matters, even if it only matters to one student.

Teaching in a Small Community

Kelly has been teaching in Rogue River, a small town in Oregon, for almost nineteen years. She says that the community has been warm and welcoming, and she has been able to embrace what’s going on in her school. However, she acknowledges that being a teacher in a rural, small town can have its challenges, especially in a politically charged environment.

Misconceptions about Teachers

When Guy asks Kelly about the current political climate around education, she says that teachers are often used as a scapegoat by politicians to rile up their base. She says that the majority of the time, blame is coming from conservatives, but even conservative parents in her community have been supportive. Kelly stresses that teachers are not promoting any specific political agenda in the classroom.

Freedom in the Classroom

Kelly says that she is able to teach controversial topics in her classroom, such as Michelangelo’s David or LGBTQ rights, without fear of losing her job. She acknowledges that some parents may have concerns, but by reaching out to them ahead of time and having open discussions, these concerns can usually be addressed.


Kelly Gibson is a remarkable teacher who has dedicated nearly two decades to educating students in a small town in Oregon. She is a true inspiration to students and teachers everywhere.

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