Reject Mesh: Prioritize Patients over Profits with Surgical Mesh Implants, Powered by Thompsons Solicitors

## **Mesh Implants: The Hidden Dangers and the Fight for Justice**

Did you know that more than 127,000 women in the UK have undergone mesh and tape implants as a solution to side effects commonly experienced after childbirth? And it doesn’t stop there. Mesh surgeries have also been offered to men, children, and others dealing with rectal prolapses and abdominal hernias, with private operation numbers remaining undisclosed for now[^1^].

While these procedures may have seemed like a promising solution at first, a growing number of people are now suffering from severe pain, lifelong injuries, and even psychological trauma due to their mesh implants. While some lucky individuals have been able to have their implants removed, for others, it’s an impossible task. Victims of mesh injuries bear both physical and mental scars for life. However, hope remains as people continue to fight for answers, and Thompsons Solicitors stands firm in their fight for justice[^1^][^2^].

If you want to learn more about our Say No To Mesh campaign, visit this page: [Say No To Mesh](

If you have been personally affected by mesh implant surgery, you may be eligible to make a claim. Find more information here: [Vaginal Mesh Claims](

Don’t let the hidden dangers of mesh implants go unnoticed. Join the movement and stand up for justice. Together, we can make a difference.

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“I had the most horrendous constipation. I kept going to the doctors, they kept telling me I was constipated. I had never heard of prolapse, so I went on the internet and Dr. Tony Excellence’s name in Bristol kept coming up. All these glowing reports about women with problems after childbirth. So I paid privately to see him. I had the laparoscopic event almost wrecked Alexis in 2011. It was really, really painful afterwards, but I thought it was normal. About six months later, I still couldn’t go to the toilet. I then find out I’m going to have my large bowel removed, which was a bit of a shock. But I was in so much pain, so uncomfortable. Again, I believed him. I didn’t think to question it because I was told he was an expert. And that’s when I started to think something’s not right here.”

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More than 127,000 women in the UK have had mesh and tape implants for side effects typically following childbirth, according to the NHS.

Hundreds more, including men and children, have been offered mesh surgery as a treatment for rectal prolapses and abdominal hernias. Figures for private mesh operations are, as yet, unknown.

Many people who have had a mesh implant are now suffering from severe pain, life-long injuries and psychological trauma as a result of their operations. Some have been able to have their mesh implants removed, but for some, it’s not a possibility. Victims of mesh injuries are often scarred for life, physically and mentally. People are are fighting for answers and Thompsons is fighting with them.

Learn more about our campaign Say No To Mesh by visiting this page:

If you have been affected by mesh implant surgery, you may be eligible to make a claim. More information here:

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