Recapping the Snackable Content Challenge 2015: Insights from vLink Solutions

[Visit]( to learn more about vLink Solutions, The Content Factor, and Braintrax’s collaboration for the second Snackable Content Challenge. This highly successful event brought together marketers from various industries to learn, work, and play.

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In the second Snackable Content Challenge, attendees had the opportunity to prepare a snackable content marketing plan for a specific product and buyer persona. The teams presented their plans and competed in a culinary cook-off, demonstrating that food can be great content. Everyone had a fantastic time networking and enjoying delicious tapas, including grilled lamb chops, roasted pepper bruschetta, charred octopus, potatoes bravas, and empanadas.

We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who attended this unique event and we look forward to hosting our next exciting content marketing event. Contact us at 770-872-7977 or visit []( for all your video marketing needs.

Keywords/tags: vlinksolutions, vlink solutions, vlink, video marketing Atlanta, snackable content, content marketing – vLink Solutions, The Content Factor and Braintrax joined forces in March of 2015 to host their second Snackable Content Challenge. The event was a huge success. We look forward to our next content marketing event.

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vLink Solutions is “The Video Marketing Authority.” We help our clients CREATE targeted, high-quality video content AND provide the tools to CURATE those digital assets maximizing views and return on investment. For more about video marketing visit our website at or contact us at 770-872-7977.

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