Programmatic Day 2023: Buluggiu (MGID) and Bahadori (Metup) – From Digital Native to Omnichannel Transformation

On the stage of Programmatic Day 2023, watch the interview with Sara Buluggiu, VP Global Publisher at MGID, and Shahram Bahadori, CEO of Metup. They discuss “The Unexpected Native: From Digital to Omnichannel”. Discover their insights on the future of digital advertising and how they are revolutionizing the native advertising sector in Italy. is a registered news outlet specializing in marketing, advertising, and media business. Stay up to date with the latest industry trends by subscribing to our channel: [ Magazine]( Hit the notification bell to receive all the updates.

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**Full Transcript:**

*Sara Buluggiu (VP Global Publisher at MGID):* We arrived in Italy with the aim of revolutionizing the native advertising sector. Our proposition is centered around personalization of the native widget within the page. We believe that customizing it according to the publisher’s needs is the key to truly engage users and preserve the user experience.

*Shahram Bahadori (CEO of Metup):* The main challenge for publishers in terms of monetization is finding the right balance between advertising spaces and the content provided to users. With the decrease in content, the user’s exposure time decreases, affecting the advertising opportunities. Additionally, users coming from different sources, such as social media or search, create a challenging calculation of convenience and exposure to advertising spaces.

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Sul palco del Programmatic Day 2023: “Il native che non ti aspetti: dal digital all’omnicanalità”. Intervista a Sara Buluggiu, VP Global Publisher di MGID, e Shahram Bahadori, CEO di Metup è una testata registrata specializzata in marketing, pubblicità e media business.
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