Principal Associate at Breega Capital, Isabelle Gallo

# Breega Capital: Investing in Emerging Financial Technology Startups

Isabelle Gallo, Principal Associate at Paris-based investment fund Breega Capital, discusses the company’s focus on funding innovative financial technology (fintech) startups across Europe and the US in this enlightening video. As she explains, Breega manages €150 million (approx. $180 million) and invests from €500,000 to €5 million ($600,000 to $6 million) in “sidecar” funding rounds. The fund is particularly interested in emerging fintech trends like blockchain technology, as well as artificial intelligence and other new technologies that are driving the evolution of finance and insurance.

In this video, Gallo explains the benefits that Breega Capital derives from participating in the Finance Innovation business speed-meetings, which are described as a highly efficient forum for connecting with startups that are pre-qualified and deemed to be within the firm’s mandate for investment. One of the benefits is that the speed-meetings provide an excellent opportunity to meet with numerous startups that might otherwise be difficult to connect with. In addition, Finance Innovation’s pre-selection process helps to identify promising startups that are most likely to align with Breega Capital’s investment mandate.

If you’re a fintech startup seeking funding opportunities, be sure to check out Finance Innovation – they are a leading platform for fostering innovation, creativity and growth within the industry. And, if you want to learn more about Breega Capital, visit their website to see their portfolio of successful startups and understand their investment philosophy. With their track record of successful investments and deep understanding of emerging fintech trends, Breega Capital is a valuable partner for any startup seeking funding in this space.

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Isabelle Gallo, Principal Associate du fond d’investissement Breega Capital, explique les enjeux de sa société à participer aux business speed-meetings FINANCE INNOVATION.

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