President Museveni calls on Muslims to adopt sacrificial attitude during Eid Al Adha

# **President Museveni Urges Muslims to Embrace the Spirit of Sacrifice in Eid Al Adha Message**

In his heartfelt Eid Al Adha message, President Museveni challenges Muslims to cultivate a spirit of sacrifice, drawing inspiration from the story of Prophet Ibrahim’s unwavering faith. Just as the Prophet willingly offered his son Isaac to God, President Museveni emphasizes the significance of sacrifice not only in matters of faith but also as a catalyst for societal development.

According to the President, sacrifice plays a pivotal role in building strong families and creating stable communities, as exemplified by the sacrifices made by Ugandan Patriots to restore peace and stability. President Museveni encourages believers to translate Prophet Ibrahim’s spirit of sacrifice into all aspects of their lives, not limiting it solely to matters of faith.

As you celebrate the Feast of Sacrifice, let Prophet Ibrahim’s teachings resonate within you and guide your actions. Extend the spirit of sacrifice to empower yourselves, work diligently to harness the natural resources with which Uganda is blessed, and foster the creation of worthy and resilient homes.

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With hours to the Islamic celebration of Eid Al Adha, President Museveni has challenged Muslims to develop a spirit of sacrifice, in the same way, Ibrahim expressed his readiness to hand over his son Isaac to God, as asked by the Angel. The call came during his Eid Al Aduha message. The president the spirit of sacrifice is not only critical in faith but also a seed for development. #NTVNews #NTVTonight #NTVWeekendEdition

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