Poor Road Conditions Highlight the Urgency of Robust Vehicles in Operation Halt II, Stresses LT COL Louis Boakye

*Robust Vehicle Needs for Operation Halt II: Deputy Commander Highlights Challenges and Calls for Action*


In this video, Lieutenant Colonel Louis Boakye, the Deputy Commander of Operation Halt II, emphasizes the pressing need for robust vehicles to navigate through the deplorable roads leading to forest reserves and galamsey communities. As the Deputy Commander expresses, the team encounters major challenges due to the difficult terrain, particularly in mining areas affected by illegal mining activities (galamsey). To effectively combat these criminal activities, the team requires sturdier vehicles equipped for such conditions.

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At ONUA FM, Yɛ DWEN WOHO PAAA!!!, we are dedicated to supporting the fight against illegal mining activities within our jurisdiction. Lieutenant Colonel Louis Boakye highlights the challenges faced by the operation, including the need for robust vehicles to overcome the terrain and logistical issues related to mining equipment.

As the Deputy Commander reinforces, the morale of the troops remains high, although there is a challenge in garnering support for the fight against illegal mining. The military, along with other lines of operation, will continue to lend its support. However, additional measures, such as political and legal interventions, need to be implemented to combat these activities effectively.

Help us in our mission by spreading awareness and joining forces with us in this fight against illegal mining. Together, we can make a difference and preserve our natural resources for future generations.

Foreign, foreign, foreign, our major challenge has to do with the terrain. The roads are bad, and our vehicles are not robust enough to navigate these routes, particularly within the mining communities or the affected areas.
So, we need more robust vehicles to deal with these criminals.

That has been the major challenge. As for the morale of the troops, it remains very high. They are already willing to support the fight against illegal mining activities. We shall continue to support this fight within our jurisdiction, and we appeal to the general public to assist us.

Difficulties exist. This is what we are doing. We have other lines of operation. These excavators need to be controlled. They move from one point to another, and somebody has the responsibility to ensure that their movement is authorized. There are people openly selling washing plants.

There should be an authority to ensure that certain things are not sold on the open market or to unauthorized individuals. Therefore, additional checks need to be put in place. However, the military line of operation will continue to support our colleagues in the fight. Other lines of operation, such as the legal and political aspects, need to be implemented within the Forest Reserve and other authorized areas.

Lieutenant Colonel Louis Boakye, Deputy Commander of Operation Halt II.

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The Deputy Commander of Operation Halt II, LT COL Louis Boakye, has underscored the need for the team to get robust vehicles for their operations due to the deplorable roads leading to forest reserves and galamsey communities.

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