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## **The Yield Lab – Opening Second International Office in Argentina**

Welcome to the official YouTube channel of The Yield Lab, a leading AgTech Accelerator based in St. Louis. In this video, we are thrilled to announce our plans to open our second international office in Argentina during a trade mission in November 2017.

*[Video courtesy of HEC-TV]*

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Watch as our founding partners, Tomas and Roberto, reveal their vision for the expansion of The Yield Lab in Argentina. With their expertise and dedication, we are confident that this move will boost the agricultural technology sector in Argentina and create a thriving ecosystem for innovation.

At The Yield Lab, we understand that successful agriculture relies on a combination of factors like good soil, water, and nutrients. Our aim is to bring together these elements by establishing our presence in Argentina. We believe in the power of collaboration and mentorship, which is why we are excited to contribute to the growth of AgTech startups in this region.

Since our inception, The Yield Lab has rapidly grown, currently supporting 20 companies and continuously expanding. Our commitment to both financial and intellectual support for entrepreneurs sets us apart. We encourage you to visit our website in just six months to witness the exciting developments and new thriving companies that have emerged from our ecosystem.

Join us on this journey as we strengthen the international AgTech community, one office at a time. Subscribe to our channel for more updates on our initiatives and latest news from the world of agriculture.

For more information about The Yield Lab, visit [our website](

*Source: [HEC-TV](insert link here)*

The Yield Lab, a St. Louis-based AgTech Accelerator, announces its intentions to open a second international office in Argentina during a November 2017 trade mission. (Video courtesy of HEC-TV)

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