Patrick Sheehan, ETF Partners: An Interview Celebrating 40 Years of Invest Europe

**Private Equity: A Catalyst for Europe’s Economy and Society**

[Invest Europe]( has been a steadfast companion to the private equity and venture capital industry for 40 years. This sector has evolved from a niche component of finance into a pivotal force in Europe’s effective capital markets and thriving asset management landscape. The organization not only educates and informs industry professionals but also safeguards their reputation while providing a platform for knowledge exchange.

In honor of Invest Europe’s milestone anniversary, this video features insightful answers from members and business leaders as they reflect on the past, present, and future of the industry. Discover their perspectives, insights, and predictions for this ever-evolving field.

With the right people and resources, anything is possible. This valuable lesson resonates strongly in the world of private equity and venture capital, which fosters optimism and, ultimately, transforms the world. These financial instruments play a vital role in creating modern job opportunities, thereby adding purpose and passion to the work.

Invest Europe’s commitment to sustainability and addressing climate change further amplifies their sense of purpose. This alignment with a critical global issue has been the driving force behind their establishment two decades ago. Now, more than ever, innovative ideas that tackle these challenges require swift funding and mentoring. Venture capital holds the key to facilitating the rapid development and implementation of these crucial innovations.

Join us in celebrating Invest Europe’s 40th Anniversary and gain valuable insights into how private equity and venture capital shape not only Europe’s economy but also its society. Together, let’s unlock possibilities and drive impactful change.

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*This video’s transcript has been paraphrased for brevity and clarity.*

Private equity is a cornerstone of Europe’s economy and society. Over the past four decades, European private equity and venture capital has grown from a niche segment of the finance industry into a central element of Europe’s efficient capital markets and its healthy asset management universe. Invest Europe has been at the industry’s side every step of the way, educating, informing, and safeguarding the industry’s reputation, while providing a forum for practitioners to meet and learn.

On the occasion of the 40th Anniversary of the organization, Invest Europe members and business leaders answer three questions about the past, present and future of the industry.

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