#KigaliGlobalDialogue | African Digital Stories: Shaping the World

# Out of Africa: Digital Stories from Africa that Can Shape the World | Kigali Global Dialogue

In this thought-provoking video from the Kigali Global Dialogue, Innocent Bahizi, CEO of Rwanda Information Society Authority (RISA), discusses the untapped potential of Africa in shaping the digital world. As an authority in the field, Bahizi emphasizes the history of Africa as a hub of innovation, with examples ranging from the engineering brilliance of the pyramids to the groundbreaking mobile revolution of m-pesa.

Africa’s digital innovations have not only transformed financial inclusion in Rwanda, but have also caught the attention of global players. MTN, a telecommunications company founded in Africa, has become a major global player in digital infrastructure. Similarly, Zipline, a Rwandan company utilizing drone technology, has revolutionized healthcare services by transforming the delivery of blood and medicine, setting a precedent for other medical supplies.

Bahizi further highlights the success of Flutterwave in Nigeria, which has transformed payment services using both card and mobile technologies. Furthermore, he mentions the South African company Formerly known as Fandango, which revolutionized payments and subsequently partnered with MTN and eventually Visa, establishing the widely known m Visa product.

While funding is often a concern, Bahizi believes that Africa has the necessary skills and talent to succeed. Rather, the challenge lies in harmonizing technology, skills, and funding to deliver impactful services to society. He shares the example of Rwanda’s Rainbow Platform, an innovative company providing online services to citizens, as a blueprint for potential across the continent.

In order to truly thrive, Bahizi calls for Africans to become producers and developers of technology rather than mere consumers. He highlights the numerous inventions and interventions already occurring in various industries, from PPE production to advancements in medicine. Africa has the capability and resources to deliver groundbreaking technologies to the world, making equitable partnerships essential.

Don’t miss this insightful conversation on the potential of Africa’s digital stories in shaping the world. Join the Kigali Global Dialogue and witness the power of African innovation firsthand.

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#KigaliGlobalDialogue | Out of Africa: Digital Stories from Africa that Can Shape the World

Featuring Innocent Bahizi, CEO, Rwanda Information Society Authority (RISA), Rwanda

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