Patricia, a Participant from Romania, Expresses Delight in Joining the Catalyst Programme

Empowering Youth Leadership to Drive Global Change | GSL World Summit

Discover how the GSL World Summit’s Catalyst program can ignite your passion for leadership and help you make a meaningful impact on the world. Join Patricia, a student from Transylvania College, as she shares her transformative experience and the invaluable lessons she learned about teamwork and effective leadership.

**Video Transcript:**
Patricia’s journey at the Catalyst program, organized by the Global Social Leaders (GSL) World Summit, has been nothing short of life-changing. In this enlightening video, she unveils the power of youth leadership, the Global Goals (SDGs), and the transformative potential that lies within every student eager to make a difference.

Through the Catalyst program, Patricia discovered the effectiveness of teamwork in accomplishing incredible feats. Join her as she shares her newfound knowledge on how to become a great leader, without having to follow a set path.

Are you ready to unlock your leadership potential and drive global change? Don’t miss out on this captivating video that will inspire and empower you to be the change you want to see in the world.

To learn more about the GSL World Summit’s Catalyst program and how to get involved, visit [Global Social Leaders]( Join the vibrant community of passionate youth leaders, and together, let’s create a brighter future.

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To find out more how to get involved in the programme go to

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