Innovacom Introduces EIC2D-Múscia: Empowering Music Startups with MusicADN



In this YouTube video, Alberto Arenal from MusicADN discusses the digital music ecosystem from the perspective of a startup designed to help artists leverage opportunities in the digital era. He explores the challenges and opportunities faced by artists in the rapidly changing music industry. MusicADN aims to help artists take control of their business and define their artistic identity, while also considering the strategic vision needed to sustain a career in music. This video provides insights into the current state of the music industry, highlighting threats and prospects for creators.

Throughout the video, Alberto touches on various topics, including the shifting power dynamics and economic relationships among industry stakeholders. He emphasizes the growing importance of streaming consumption and the emergence of tech giants, which have influenced sales and career planning for artists. The COVID-19 pandemic has also accelerated changes in the music industry, especially affecting live performances and revenue streams. Alberto delves into the structural issues faced by the industry and the contrasting financial situations of recorded music and live performance sectors.

Alberto discusses the paradox created by the pandemic, where recorded music saw a surge in income due to streaming, while live performers faced significant challenges with income practically dropping to zero. This has raised concerns over fair distribution of streaming revenue, leading to political movements and investigations into the industry.

Alberto explains the evolution of the music industry from a clear value chain to a more blurred ecosystem, where artists remain at the center of creative value generation. However, questions arise regarding the capture of this value. The video examines the threats and opportunities that artists will face in the next decade, which will shape the future of the industry. The seven identified threats include the commoditization of music, governance issues on platforms, algorithmic recommendations, concentration of power, environmental concerns, content understanding, and the overwhelming influx of new music.

For a more in-depth understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the digital music ecosystem, watch the full video. Alberto provides valuable insights and analysis backed by the experience of MusicADN, a startup dedicated to empowering artists in the digital age.

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Alberto Arenal, de MusicADN, nos desgrana el ecosistema de la música digital, con sus luces y sus sombras, desde el punto de vista de una startup pensada para ayudar a los artistas a aprovechar las oportunidades de la digitalización.

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