Online Public Exposure of Turkish Citizens’ Personal Data Resulting from Government Site Breach

Website Offers Private Data of Turkish Citizens, Including President Erdogan

A major digital security breach has occurred in Turkey, with hackers stealing personal data from the e-Devlet government services website and offering it for free on a website called The breached data includes ID numbers, phone numbers, and information about family members. The website even claims to offer President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s personal information. Aspiring members can access the more sensitive information such as full addresses, real estate deeds, and education details, with a paid premium membership.

Website Claims to Offer Data on High-Ranking Government Officials

According to the website, high-ranking state and government officials, including Erdogan and Turkey’s main opposition leader, Kemal Kilicdaroglu, are included in the stolen data. Experts have declared the theft of information as the largest digital security breach in Turkey, posing a significant problem.

Experts Call for Investigations

A professor of constitutional law has called for a full-scale investigation, blocking access to the website first. However, the Turkish authorities have remained silent on the matter, and the website remains accessible despite its servers often crashing due to high traffic.

E-Devlet Security Concerns

The e-Devlet website, which serves as the primary public administration portal in Turkey, includes personal information such as education details, health information, banking credentials, and tax status. Critics have accused the website of not being secure enough for several years, but the authorities have denied these claims.


With personal data being a valuable resource for cybercriminals, governments worldwide continue to face persistent digital security threats. This latest digital security breach in Turkey has given rise to serious concerns regarding the safety of personal information. Further investigations will be necessary to determine the extent of the situation and the measures required to prevent future data breaches.

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