OMERS Ventures MP Harry Briggs: A Founder Turned VC’s Guide to Success in Scaling Across Markets

In this informative YouTube video, Harry Briggs, a former founder turned VC, shares his insights on successfully scaling businesses and expanding into new markets. With his personal experience in building his own business with customers in over 35 countries, as well as supporting portfolio founders in their international expansion plans, Harry provides valuable strategies and measures for entrepreneurial success.

Throughout the video, Harry discusses the importance of simplicity in international expansion. Drawing upon examples from companies like Uber, he emphasizes the need to focus on scaling within a single market before venturing into new territories. By addressing underlying problems and ensuring a strong foundation, businesses can effectively scale and grow globally.

Harry shares his own experience with Firefly, a non-SaaS company that expanded rapidly but faced challenges due to complexity and distraction. He emphasizes the importance of having a solid scaling strategy and understanding whether international expansion truly aligns with your business objectives.

Additionally, Harry highlights lessons learned from working with notable companies like Revolut, Paddle, and Gusto, which successfully scaled and built global businesses. By delving into real-world case studies, he provides valuable insights into the key factors that contribute to international scaling success.

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*Note: The transcript of the video has been condensed for clarity and brevity. For the full transcript, please refer to the original video.*

This session will explore the approaches and measures that founders and leadership teams can take to successfully scale their business and expand into new markets. It will be led by Harry Briggs, a founder turned VC with experience both in building his own business with customers in over 35 countries and supporting his portfolio founders in executing their international expansion plans.

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