Numerous career opportunities available at Cricket South Africa

# **Cricket South Africa’s Initiative: Exploring Careers On and Off the Field**

Cricket SA is dedicated to developing the sport in the country, and they are taking remarkable strides towards this goal. As part of their initiative, they are actively encouraging cricket enthusiasts to consider career opportunities within the game, both on and off the field. In a captivating interview with eNCA’s Morena Mothupi, South Africa U19 Head Coach Dinesha Devnarain delves into the various pathways available for budding talent. *[source](insert source link here)*

The CSA Pathways and Qriket Webinar Series are among the exceptional programs that form part of this initiative. With these resources, cricket lovers can gain insights into the many exciting career prospects within the world of cricket. Devnarain highlights the significance of this initiative, particularly for the development of youth in cricket, especially women. She emphasizes the importance of empowering and inspiring the young generation to explore opportunities in both on-field and off-field roles.

It is crucial to recognize that not everyone can become a professional player or secure a voluntary contract. However, the off-field avenues in cricket are equally captivating. Devnarain delves into the diverse range of career paths available in the sporting world. From coaching to specialist roles such as bowling consultants, batting consultants, and sports psychologists, the opportunities are endless. Additionally, there is a demand for physiotherapists, strength and conditioning experts, referees, scorers, and administrators. Cricket South Africa aims to showcase these career paths and inspire young individuals to pursue their passions in a field that suits their unique personality. *[source](insert source link here)*

Devnarain offers an inspiring example of how far a career in cricket can take you, using the former Proteas media liaison officer, who is now working for the International Cricket Council in Dubai. This demonstration exemplifies the immense potential and global opportunities available within the field of cricket. It serves as a reminder that one can shine off the field, even if their aspirations as a player may not materialize. *[source](insert source link here)*

While acknowledging the progress made by Cricket South Africa, Devnarain also highlights areas that require further focus. She suggests that the organization must strive for continuous improvement in their youth development structures. It is essential to strike a balance between national team focus and expanding participation rates to make the game accessible to all. Honest and introspective conversations are crucial for identifying weaknesses and implementing necessary changes to create a better cricket system in South Africa. *[source](insert source link here)*

In closing, Devnarain expresses her optimism that the men’s national team can replicate the success of the women’s team, who made it to the T20 World Cup earlier this year. She believes that it is time for the men’s team to seize the opportunity and potentially go even further by winning the 50 over World Cup in India. As South Africans, the desire for victory and trophies is deeply ingrained, and Devnarain joins in the collective hope for a triumphant outcome. *[source](insert source link here)*

Join us as we delve into the vast career opportunities within the world of cricket. Whether you are a cricket lover or someone seeking job prospects in the sport, this informative discussion with South Africa U19 Head Coach Dinesha Devnarain will provide valuable insights and inspiration. Let Cricket South Africa’s initiative guide you towards a fulfilling and rewarding career in cricket, where you can make a lasting impact both on and off the field. *[source](insert source link here)*

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Cricket SA is making great strides in the development of the sport in the country. It’s pushing an initiative to encourage cricket lovers to explore careers in the game, on and off the field. CSA is showcasing an array of opportunities to foster budding talent and advocate career pathways. South Africa U19 Head Coach Dinesha Devnarain spoke to eNCA’s Morena Mothupi. #DStv403

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