Unlock Your True Potential with Seed Retention and Life Force Energy

**The Importance of Seed Retention for a Powerful Life | Semen Retention Journey**

Welcome to another video from T.C. Talks T.C. Fitness! If you’re new, thank you for joining us, and if you’re returning, thank you for the continued support. In this video, we dive deep into the importance of seed retention, a spiritual journey that unlocks your true potential.

Semen retention goes beyond just physical benefits. It is about understanding the power within you, your purpose, and harmonizing your mind, body, and spirit. By practicing seed retention, you prevent the release of your life force essence, preserving and channeling it to empower and transform yourself internally.

Many people overlook the significance of seed retention, which can lead to a lack of confidence, self-esteem, and motivation. But by retaining your semen, you become more confident, self-aware, and focused. The energy and life force within you become amplified, allowing you to connect on a deeper level with your true self.

When you retain your seed, you start to observe the world from a new perspective. You recognize the impact of energy on confidence and self-esteem, understanding why some struggle while others thrive. Watching excessive pornography and wasting your energy disconnects you from your true self, draining your vitality and leaving you feeling empty.

The benefits of seed retention go far beyond just personal growth. It extends to relationships, productivity, and overall well-being. Women who practice celibacy and abstain from pornography experience improved internal well-being. Similarly, men who refrain from habits that deplete their energy find themselves feeling stronger, more alive, and driven for success.

This journey towards self-mastery requires dedication, focus, and a commitment to maximizing your potential. By redirecting your energy towards productive pursuits, you become a generator of positive change. As your body becomes a vehicle for success, you gain the endurance and vitality necessary to achieve your goals.

You deserve to wake up each day feeling energized, inspired, and ready to conquer the world. Embrace seed retention as a way to unlock your true power and live a life filled with clarity, purpose, and abundance.

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**Original Video Transcript:**
“So It’s your boy It’s your boy t c talks t c fitness and i am here back at it again here with another video now fast out the video offer like i gotta give my gratitude i gotta give my thanks to everybody that’s been supporting the channel you know like we Just had another goal and i’m truly truly appreciative i’m truly truly thankful um i keep telling y’all bro if you put your energy towards the right things and you keep on retaining your life for his energy everything will continue to work out in your favor You know so if you are new to the channel i want to say thank you i want to say welcome to the channel thank you for supporting the channel if you are a returning supporter i want to say thank you for you know i’m saying returning to another video now this video so Everybody out there that’s only seen retention in their nofap journey um yesterday i really had you know a sit down talk with myself and i was talking with god and i get such a better understanding of you know seeing retention and why it’s so important you know what i’m Saying so for anybody out there in the world that’s on a semi retention journey continue to stay focused and continue to hold on to your life force essence bro because it’s everything that makes you you you know now with that being said you guys already know i love taking my notes Hopefully hopefully y’all can see that i love taking my notes so the video will not be too long you know what i’m saying but this is for those out there that’s on their journey now seeming retention is important bro seem retention is important and it’s only something that you can internally understand You know like your teacher your your dad uh your friends your siblings nobody’s gonna teach you about semen retention it’s a spiritual journey for you to understand who you are you know your reasoning of being your purpose you know what i’m saying it’s the thing that unlocks everything about you Now the reason why it’s highly important is because number one your vessel needs it your vessel needs it right you understand what i’m saying your spiritual being having a human experience so every time that you release in this energy this life force you’ve releasing things about you that You need to keep in turn you’re releasing the little you every single time every single time you release that energy you are releasing the little you you have that ability to create another you that is crazy that is tough and this is me speaking from experience on this journey retention Helps you become more confident become more aware of self become more sharper you know become more motivated because now you’re keeping everything about you internal and you allowing the inner world to work in your favor now you’re connecting with your cell phone even on an even higher level Now you start to see everything from the outside like i now it starts to make sense oh that person not confident in themselves because they lack energy oh that person got low self-esteem because they like energy and they watch so much porn because all you’re doing is messing up Your mind the more that you’re watching people have sex and you watching all these low vibrational people they don’t even know you these people don’t even know you but yet they’re throwing themselves at you and you just wasting your energy the more you’re disconnecting from self So on retention is going to keep you focused women out there stop playing with yourself stop watching so much porn because it’s normal i bet you a woman that celibate that’s staying away from watching pornography and not touching herself i bet you she’s gonna feel way better internally I bet you as a man you’re gonna feel way better internally bro because you’re not doing those things to yourself you feel drained you feel tired you feel garbage for a reason it’s because all the life that you need is in you this is why we’re going inwards on the Journey and we’re figuring it out my mind has been healing so freaking much bro all i focus on is creating content adding value to people added to my youtube channel to this youtube channel because i care about it this is my job so i have to add that value i got to Keep my foot on the gas like i told you in my last video my wife is bigger than me you know and i’m more focused on myself before i was focused on how can i bust another night had a bad day up i’m about to go home and smoke my chicken I’m about to go home and let you out before i go to sleep like bro that’s not a good mentality to have right that’s a garbage mentality now my mentality oh i’m about to create this i’m about to put in work in this area i’m about to go to the gym and go Train about there’s so much you can do on retention because your productivity your body is like a skull let’s go let’s move let’s go yes you need to rest get your sleeping stuff regenerate whatever but you’re constantly on goal mode we don’t have more time to waste now It’s time for us to put in his work you know your body is your alarm once you up you up i’ve been up since like three something this morning all jokes aside trained in the gym now here i am you know making some content for y’all and then i’m going out there To go do some overeating going to feed the people you feel so alive on this journey because now like i bro your body is a generator or your body is a vehicle your body is a car you need gas to drive that car very very far without getting without Without the car getting burnt out so your vessel you got all this life force energy in you now you have that endurance now you can endure a lot more now in life you’re like oh snap life is like hd times a billion bro like everything is so just like It’s so hard to explain bro your eyes got a lot more life in them your glow is there you’re feeling way better about yourself right always just it’s very very beautiful bro but it’s because you needed that life force in you your body is like cool let’s go let’s go you know you Like we shouldn’t be waking up feeling drained and tired and i don’t want to do this and i don’t want to do that we that’s not us as human beings you know and one thing that i do want to tell y’all that i did write down is that your energy is your healing Power it is your healing power the same way you can get a cut and then you cut hills and you don’t know how a hill but it healed your energy is your healing power the same way you can get a cut and then you cut hills and you don’t know how a hill but it healed your energy is your healing power.”

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The Seed within you is very powerful… and just like everything else in life things take time to grow.. innerstanding the importance of protecting and cherishing the seed is important as a person. Energy is everything and as you continue on your journey on semen retention you will start to see the benefits internally first before looking for them externally. Continue to walk with The Most High on this journey one day at a time.

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