Nina Rohde’s Rendition of the National Anthem at the Washington State Capital

In this powerful YouTube video, join us as we witness a remarkable rally at the Olympia State Capital in Washington state. Amidst the picturesque grounds, passionate individuals from various backgrounds, including members of the LGTBQ+ community and Patriots, proudly unite to raise their voices for their causes. Led by the inspiring Nina Rohde, this gathering signifies a powerful stand for equality, liberty, and justice. Through the country’s National Anthem, the atmosphere is electric, with applause and chants of USA filling the air. Witness the unity and determination that prevails as moms for liberty and those supportive of WA3% come together in a collective expression of strength. Be captivated by the incredible sights and sounds of this monumental event that exemplifies the power of unity and the resilience of those fighting for a brighter future. Join us in celebrating the spirit of patriotism and the unwavering commitment of these extraordinary individuals.

**Keywords/Tags**: Olympia State Capital, National Anthem, Nina Rohde, LGTBQ+, RALLY, Patriots, Washington state, gays against goomers, moms for liberty, WA3%

For more information on the event and the causes it supports, visit: [Source 1]( and [Source 2](

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