China Buzzword: Reveling in the Copiousness and Bliss of “Grain in Ear”

**Grain in Ear: A Busy Time for Farmers – Learn about China’s Ninth Solar Term**

Grain in Ear, also known as “Mangzhong,” is the ninth solar term of the year in China. This significant time marks the season when summer crops need to be harvested and autumn crops are ready to be planted. Just like in life, we reap what we sow, and our efforts will pay off in the future.

In this insightful video, we delve into the busy and fruitful period of Grain in Ear. Join us as we explore the ancient Chinese proverb that perfectly describes this time: “During a rainy year, precipitation increases, and the weather gets hotter.” As we walk through endless wheat fields, witnessing the waves of wheat stretching across thousands of miles, we gain an appreciation for the hard work farmers put into transplanting rice seedlings and reaping the rewards of their toil.

But Grain in Ear is not only important for agriculture; it serves as an enlightenment for life. It teaches us the valuable life lesson that “no pain, no gain.” Emphasizing the importance of being busy but not feeling lost, we understand that time will eventually reveal the fruits of our labor.

During this busy time, people not only focus on work but also prioritize their health. Discover the customs of offering flowers to gods and cooking plums during Grain in Ear, as a wish for a bumper harvest, good health, and peace. Additionally, learn about the significance of consuming bitter foods and sour drinks during this season, which aid in cooling and pest control for crops.

In Southwest China, the tradition of mud fights adds an entertaining twist to the hard work of farming during Grain in Ear. It serves as a reminder that no matter how busy we are, our health should never be neglected. Let’s find balance by ensuring we allocate sufficient time for rest amidst our dedicated efforts.

Watch this captivating video about Grain in Ear, the ninth solar term in China, and gain insights into the busy and rewarding life of farmers during this essential season. Don’t miss out on the valuable lessons it offers for both agriculture and life!

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Grain in Ear, or “Mangzhong,” is the ninth solar term in a year. It marks a time when the crops that mature in summer need to be harvested and the autumn crops will be planted.
In life, we also reap what we sow. Efforts will pay off in the future. #ChinaBuzzword

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