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Build Backlinks at Scale with Reverse Outreach Strategy

Outreach-based strategies are great for link building, but they often don’t scale. This poses a real problem for businesses in competitive niches. Building thousands of backlinks is a challenge that requires a new approach, and that’s where the reverse outreach strategy comes in.

The power of reverse outreach

Instead of reaching out to bloggers and journalists, they come to you. You can target keywords that these professionals search for and create content that they want to link to. This strategy completely flips the script on traditional link building.

Finding journalist keywords

To start with reverse outreach, identify the journalist keywords that bloggers and journalists use when researching or writing articles. People Also Ask Boxes, reverse engineering competitor’s pages, and targeting trending topics can help you find the right keywords.

Outlining your content

Once you have found the keyword, outline your article by answering interesting questions that journalists have around the topic. Keyword research tools are not very helpful here. You must consider the types of data that someone would need when writing about the topic.

Collecting your data

Now it is time to gather all the data needed to create the content. Statista, “Work for Us” Pages, S-1 filings, and Google News are great resources to find data for stats pages.

Optimize your content

Once you have created your content, optimize it around keywords that journalists search for. The strategy is to get backlinks from authority sites. The intent here is to use the keyword to rank high in search results and get it in front of bloggers and journalists.

The results of the reverse outreach strategy

This strategy has shown exemplary results in building backlinks at scale. This is evident from the case study of Backlinko. The strategy can deliver high-quality editorial backlinks from Bloomberg, Inc., Business Insider, and many other authority news sites and blogs.


Reverse outreach strategy provides a unique approach to link building that can deliver results at scale. It’s time to move away from traditional outreach-based strategies and embrace the power of reverse outreach. By following the above steps, you can start building backlinks that make a difference to your business.

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