New co-working space now available in Owasso

**A New Co-Working Space Now Open in Owasso**

Welcome to the Criterion building in Owasso, where a new co-working space has recently opened its doors. In this video, we take you inside the offices of this exciting and affordable option for smaller businesses.

Co-working spaces, like the one at the Criterion building, offer individual rooms for rent, providing a more cost-effective alternative to traditional office spaces. Many smaller businesses may find this option particularly appealing, as it allows them to have a professional working environment without breaking the bank.

The founders of this co-working space emphasized the need for such facilities in Owasso. Previously, they struggled to find a suitable office space for a reasonable price. They mentioned that the closest option available was 36 degrees north or the route in downtown, which provided excellent facilities but were inconveniently located. Realizing the lack of similar resources in Owasso, they decided to open this co-working space to cater to the local community.

If you’re interested in securing your spot in the Criterion building, you can easily reserve your space right now. Simply visit and book your spot today!

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A new co-working space is now open in Owasso.

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