Media Opportunities for Students Explored by Inspiring Female Journalists

# Learn About Gender Reporting and Media Opportunities | TVC News Mentorship Program

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In this video, TVC’s Sarah Iko takes us on a journey to Trinity University as part of the TVC News mentorship program. Join Sarah as she enlightens communication students on the concept of gender reporting and the exciting opportunities available in the media space.

The future media series, a collaborative project between TVC News and the Wally showcasting Center for investigative journalism, is aimed at bridging the gap between the newsroom and the classroom. As a prospective fellow of the female reporter’s leadership program, Sarah Yuju facilitates this mentorship program, emphasizing the importance of gender mainstreaming in the media industry.

During the visit to Trinity University, the TVC News team discusses the concept of gender reporting, highlighting the significant role women can play in challenging positions within the media space. While women make up about 40 percent of newsrooms, there is a lack of representation in top leadership positions, with only 21 percent of women occupying these roles.

This program encourages communication students to take up the responsibility of holding the government accountable, regardless of their gender. By enhancing gender inclusion and policy decision-making, mentorship programs like this contribute to a more equitable media landscape.

Speakers at the event provide insights into the current and future state of journalism in Nigeria, shedding light on what really goes on in the newsroom. They emphasize the importance of honing your skills and being resourceful in order to excel in the media industry.

The future of media series is designed to equip communication students across Nigeria with the necessary tools for a successful career in journalism. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and aspire to be the journalists or media practitioners we all dream of. Watch this video now to learn more about gender reporting and media opportunities!

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