Female Journalists Empower Students by Sharing Insight into Media Opportunities

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In this video, TVC’s Sarah Iko embarks on a journey to merge The Newsroom with university classrooms, enlightening communication students on the concept of gender reporting and the vast opportunities within the media industry. This mentorship program, called the Future Media Series, is a collaborative project between TBC News and the Volition cast of the Center for Investigative Journalism, facilitated by Sarah Iko.

During their visit to Trinity University, the TVC news team led by Sarah Ayeku teaches communication students about gender reporting and explores the opportunities available in the media profession. The facilitators stress the importance of women taking up challenging roles and leadership positions, emphasizing that women currently make up 40% of newsrooms but only hold 21% of top leadership positions. This initiative is part of the Future of Media Series, aiming to bridge the gap between the classroom and the newsroom, empowering students to be accountable journalists regardless of their gender.

Speakers at the event discuss the present and future of journalism in Nigeria, shedding light on what The Newsroom 3D looks like. They highlight the importance of effective communication and presentation skills, urging aspiring media professionals to continuously improve and develop their abilities. Programs like the Future Media Series aim to equip communication students across Nigeria and beyond with the necessary tools and knowledge for a successful career in journalism.

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