Mastering the Craft of Executive Coaching and Forecasting: Insights from Eric Nehrlich

**Driving Down the Error Rate for Google’s Revenue Forecasting: A Conversation with Eric Nehrlich**

Eric Nehrlich, a former chief of staff on the Google Search Ads team and now an executive coach, shares fascinating insights on driving down the error rate for Google’s revenue forecasting during an interview with Cedric. They discuss the challenges and successes in achieving an error rate reduction from 10-20% to an impressive 0.5%. Additionally, Eric provides valuable information about his executive coaching practice and the importance of small experiments for personal growth. The conversation concludes with a mention of Eric’s upcoming book.

**From Early Attempts to Accurate Forecasting: A Wild Journey**

Google encountered intriguing challenges in its early attempts at revenue forecasting. Eric shares some wild stories regarding these early forecasting adventures before delving into the successful techniques that were eventually implemented. One of the key factors contributing to their forecasting success was developing a keen sense of variation in data, which allowed them to refine their forecasting accuracy.

**Executive Coaching: Catalyst for Impactful Leadership**

Eric’s executive coaching practice is focused on helping leaders enhance their impact. The conversation explores the difference between coaching and mentorship and highlights the intricate art of guiding leaders towards growth. With a wealth of knowledge on executive growth challenges, Eric discusses his approach to designing small experiments that facilitate personal growth. By sharing his experience and expertise, Eric aims to make personal development more accessible to everyone.

**Video: In-Depth Conversation with Eric Nehrlich**

Check out the video below to watch the full conversation between Cedric and Eric Nehrlich:

**Podcast Episode: Key Takeaways from the Conversation**

For those who prefer listening, the podcast episode offers a summary of the conversation along with insightful commentary. Take a listen below:

**Noteworthy Links Discussed in the Conversation**

Throughout the conversation, Eric shares various helpful resources and recommendations. Here are some links to explore:

– Eric’s Executive Coaching practice: [](
– Get updates on Eric’s upcoming book, “You Have a Choice”: [](
– Eric’s LinkedIn profile: [](
– Read Eric’s blog: [](
– Subscribe to Eric’s newsletter for valuable insights: [](
– Find a full list of coaching and leadership development resources recommended by Eric: [](

**Key Time Stamps: Highlights of the Conversation**

Here are some key time stamps for the major topics covered in the conversation:

– 00:00:00 Introduction
– 00:01:21 Eric’s Background
– 00:09:00 Google Revenue Forecasting Stories
– 00:13:16 Driving the Forecasting Error Rate Down
– 00:18:00 Developing an Intuition for Variation
– 00:29:45 What a Forecasting Novice Would Get Wrong
– 00:36:46 What Does an Executive Coach Do?
– 00:45:34 The Difference Between Mentorship and Coaching
– 00:53:42 Changing Behaviour: Will, Skill, Structure
– 01:02:14 Changing When Your Identity Holds You Back
– 01:05:50 Coming Up With Small Experiments to Change
– 01:08:48 Getting Organisational Identities to Change
– 01:11:55 More Examples of Change Experiments
– 01:15:25 Books Eric Recommends for Experiments
– 01:20:25 Finding Eric Online
– 01:21:10 Eric’s Book


In this engaging conversation, Eric Nehrlich highlights his experiences in driving down the error rate for Google’s revenue forecasting and provides insights into his executive coaching practice. Additionally, he shares valuable advice on conducting small experiments for personal growth. Explore the provided links to learn more about Eric’s work and access useful resources. Stay tuned for Eric’s upcoming book, which promises to be an insightful read.

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