Marcos identifies ARTA as a catalyst for eliminating detrimental bureaucratic conduct


Welcome to the fifth anniversary celebration of the Anti-Red Tape Authority (ARTA)! Join us as we highlight the crucial role of ARTA in achieving the Marcos Administration’s goal of bureaucratic efficiency.

Streamlining bureaucratic processes is essential for driving economic growth, attracting investments, and improving the overall quality of governance. Since its establishment through Republic Act No. 11032 in 2018, ARTA has been relentless in eliminating red tape and bolstering the ease of doing business in the country.

In just five years, ARTA has proven that positive change is possible in government service. We have empowered the improvement of processes and made transactions easier and more convenient for our clients, the Filipino people.

One of ARTA’s notable achievements is the streamlining of regulations and processes in the telecommunications sector. We have reduced the required permits from 13 to 8, streamlined documentary requirements from 86 to 35, and drastically cut down the turnaround time from 241 working days to just 16. This has facilitated the rapid deployment of telecommunication infrastructure and enhanced connectivity across the land.

Moreover, through the Joint Memorandum Circular on Poles (JMCE), ARTA has streamlined the process by reducing permits from 11 to 5, simplifying documentary requirements from 62 to 26, and significantly reducing turnaround time from 868 working days to only 74. These streamlined processes have facilitated the expansion of telecommunication networks and accelerated the development of our digital economy.

Our efforts in the telecommunications sector have not gone unnoticed on the global stage. According to the Okla Speed Test Global Index Report, the Philippines has significantly improved its rankings in mobile internet speed and fixed broadband. This progress has enhanced communication infrastructure, facilitated economic growth, and improved the lives of our citizens.

Another area where ARTA has made a significant impact is the implementation of the electronic business One-Stop Shops (e-BOSS). In partnership with the Department of Information and Communications Technology, ARTA has simplified the process of business registration, reducing the time required and encouraging entrepreneurs to establish and grow their enterprises.

The success of e-BOSS is a testament to the power of digital transformation in promoting ease of business and stimulating economic development. It has attracted businesses, promoted economic growth, and increased revenue streams for local governments.

We are also proud of our partnership with the 888 Citizens Complaints Center (CCC). Through this collaboration, ARTA has provided a channel for citizens to voice their concerns and initiate complaints against agencies that fail to deliver efficient, timely, and effective public services. This partnership emphasizes our commitment to transparency, citizen empowerment, and continuous improvement of government processes.

As the world ushers us into the digital era, we are committed to ensuring that no one is left behind. Our celebrations’ theme, “ARTA at Five: Streamlining the Philippines for Effective and Efficient Digitalization,” encapsulates our agency’s target of streamlining and digitalizing government services. We believe that digitalization is no longer optional but a mandatory requirement.

Join us as we continue to work towards even more accomplishments for ARTA in the years to come. With our undiminished dedication and passion to serve the people and advance the mandates of Republic Act No. 11032, ARTA will be ready to overcome the hurdles that the future holds.

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*For more information on the Anti-Red Tape Authority, visit [ARTA’s Official Website](*

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The Anti-Red Tape Authority (ARTA) has served as the “disruptor of negative norms and practices in the bureaucracy,” President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. said.


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