Louis Coppey, Venture Capital Partner at Point Nine – From the Runway Series Originals

# **Runway Series: Louis Coppey, VC chez Point Nine Capital à Berlin – Podcast Episode**

In this episode of **Runway Series**, brought to you by [UPCOMINGVC®](, we are thrilled to welcome **Louis Coppey**, a Venture Capitalist at Point Nine Capital in Berlin. Join us as Louis shares his insights and expertise in the fields of #SaaS and #Marketplace.

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During this episode, Louis covers a range of topics, including:

– His academic journey from HEC Paris to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and his professional trajectory from his first VC experience at Alven.
– His passion for business issues related to technology.
– The exciting opportunity at Point Nine Capital to drive investment processes and take early responsibility for making his own deals.
– The unique and slightly unusual investment process, which combines cold and factual analysis with the importance of establishing a relationship with entrepreneurs.
– The duty, not the power, of each team member to influence the investment thesis.
– His cross-functional expertise in supporting founders in moving from #Seed to #SeriesA.
– How he assists founders through questioning rather than asserting.

Discover the trends Louis is currently following and gain valuable insights into the world of venture capital.

Enjoy the episode!


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**Full Video Transcript (Translated)**:

*Note: The original video transcript has been refined and translated for clarity.*

_”I found myself traveling to Berlin, wondering how I could learn about the tech industry. So, I went to Seychelles and spent ten days there. I was bored to death. I have always been interested in business issues related to technology.”_ (1)

_”I believe that one way to bring about change, both industrial and environmental, is through technology. Being an investor in a fund like mine allows me to address these challenges with an outsider’s perspective while having hands-on experience working with startups.”_ (2)

_”When I joined Point Nine Capital, it was exciting for me because I found it interesting to have the opportunity, right from the beginning, to take charge of processes and work directly with startups. With Christoph, it was clear that the way we operate is that each team member can search for and propose a deal based on their conviction. Then, we try to convince the entire team by sharing our points of view. If we have valid arguments, we take the lead in the investment process.”_ (3)

_”Welcome to Runway Series, the podcast by UPCOMINGVC®, the education platform for entrepreneurs and aspiring founders.”_ (4)

Your ultimate destination for valuable insights in the world of venture capital!

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Dans ce contexte de confinement et de vie au ralenti pour ceux qui ont la chance d’être chez eux (tout notre soutien aux personnes au front), on a eu tout de même beaucoup de plaisir à accueillir Louis Coppey, VC chez Point Nine Capital à Berlin, une team spécialisée #SaaS et #Marketplace.


Dans ce nouvel épisode de #RunwaySeries, le #podcast d’UPCOMINGVC®, Louis revient sur

🔸sa trajectoire académique de HEC Paris au Massachusetts Institute of Technology puis son parcours pro depuis sa première expé VC chez Alven
🔸sa passion pour les problématiques business liées à la technologie
🔸l’opportunité chez P9 de driver les process d’investissement, avec une responsabilisation assez tôt pour faire ses propres deals
🔸le processus d’investissement assez étrange qui doit permettre en 3/5 semaines de mélanger analyse froide & factuelle mais aussi conviction si une relation peut être construite avec un entrepreneur
🔸le devoir & non le pouvoir de chaque team member d’influencer la thèse d’investissement
🔸son expertise transversale en support des founders pour passer du #Seed à la #SeriesA
🔸en aidant les founders par le questionnement & non par l’affirmation
🔸les tendances que Louis suit

Bonne écoute!

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