Lessons on Leadership and Scaling Uber: Insights from Jambu Palaniappan of OMERS Ventures

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**Video Transcript**:
Foreign speeches and one of the things that a lot of folks have asked me recently is can we talk about some of the lessons learned from scaling Uber. I was actually pretty reticent to do it, to be honest because they made a TV show about Uber and despite its lack of accuracy, you know, I thought it was a bit of a dead topic. But I guess the reason I went through this exercise was I felt like I got this question a lot from Founders and people in our ecosystem who really wanted to learn the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. So that’s the intent of this.

This video features a talk by a former Uber employee sharing valuable insights and lessons learned from scaling Uber. The speaker discusses the positive aspects and challenges faced during the growth of the company, highlighting the importance of a clear mission, internal debate, and ownership. Whether you’re a marketplace entrepreneur or investor, this talk provides valuable takeaways for your journey.

About the Speaker:
The speaker is an experienced professional who played a significant role in Uber’s international expansion and food delivery ventures. With a wealth of knowledge in the marketplace industry, the speaker brings unique insights and lessons learned from working at a global scale.

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The Marketplace Conference is an event focused on all things marketplaces and unites marketplace entrepreneurs, investors and industry experts. It provides a platform for exchanging knowhow and best practices and attracts marketplaces entrepreneurs and investors of all stages.


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