Kindred Capital Edition: Full Talk Revealing the Code

### **[Title of the Video: _Engineering Challenges at Animal Dynamics_](link to the video)**

### Introduction
Welcome to our YouTube channel! In this video, we have Melanie DeMello, Head of Engineering at Animal Dynamics, talking about the fascinating challenges they’re facing in the field of bio-inspired engineering. Animal Dynamics is a spin-out company from Oxford University, focused on delivering innovative solutions that positively impact both nature and humanity.

### About Animal Dynamics
Animal Dynamics draws inspiration from nature and applies the efficiency and effectiveness of animal movements to their engineering solutions. They are currently working on a groundbreaking product called Stork, a payload delivery system facilitated by a parafoil vehicle. Stork operates autonomously, capable of taking off, flying to a specific location, delivering payloads, and landing safely. With their prototype successfully flying for a few years, Animal Dynamics aims to release a larger version in early 2022, which can carry up to 135 kilos of payload.

### Themes for Core Technology Development
Animal Dynamics has chosen three key themes to differentiate themselves in the market. They are actively involved in the development of autonomy, artificial intelligence, and how bees see and navigate. Additionally, they emphasize customer interaction, particularly in fleet management and payload delivery optimization. Animal Dynamics believes that their bio-inspired engineering roots play a significant role in creating efficient and adaptable structures and mechanisms.

### Recruitment Opportunities
Animal Dynamics is actively recruiting for various engineering positions to support their product development and core technology advancements. They require professionals in control engineering, systems and safety, cyber security, software and electronics engineering, and cloud-based management services. If you’re passionate about engineering, technology, and being a part of pioneering solutions, visit their website [here]( to explore available vacancies.

### Conclusion
This video provides valuable insights into the engineering challenges faced by Animal Dynamics and their mission to revolutionize the way payloads are delivered. Join Melanie DeMello as she discusses the exciting opportunities available in the field of bio-inspired engineering. Don’t miss out on this incredible chance to be a part of Animal Dynamics’ remarkable journey towards creating a positive impact on nature and humanity.

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