Kenny Rabson Explores Retirement Funds and Group Risk

Title: "Revolutionizing Retirement Funding with Shared Value Model | Business Launch May 2018"

In this insightful video, the Discovery team unveils their innovative approach to revolutionizing retirement funding through a shared value model. By incentivizing good decision-making and healthy living, they are paving the way for employees to secure their financial future with ease.

The video delves into the core concepts of the retirement journey, emphasizing the importance of early savings, preserving funds during job changes, and responsible drawdowns in retirement. Through a blend of technology, behavioral insights, and financial incentives, Discovery is reshaping the traditional asset management landscape.

With a range of investment options, competitive fees, and a user-friendly employee interface, Discovery’s retirement funding solution offers a seamless transition into retirement. Employees can track their investments, set retirement goals, and make informed decisions to maximize their savings potential.

Moreover, by integrating the renowned Vitality model into their retirement offerings, Discovery is empowering individuals to lead healthier lifestyles and reap the rewards in their retirement years. From boosting monthly contributions to incentivizing income drawdowns, Discovery’s approach ensures a sustainable and prosperous retirement for all.

Join the Discovery team on this journey towards financial security and discover the future of retirement funding. For more information, visit [Discovery](source link) and explore the possibilities of a shared value model in asset management.

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