June 20, 2023: Subcommittee Meeting on Planning and Sustainability

### **City of Cloverdale, Cloverdale California – A Closer Look at the Clearwater Ranch Community**

Welcome to our YouTube video where we provide an in-depth look at the Clearwater Ranch Community located in the City of Cloverdale, California. If you’re interested in real estate development and community planning, this video is for you!

In this video, we discuss the history and background of Clearwater Ranch and its connection to Cloverdale City Water and Sewer. The initial resolution for this project dates back to 1986, and it has since evolved to include the acquisition of additional parcels by the company, including one owned by Arvin Baboo. Including this parcel in the annexation discussion is crucial to avoid creating an isolated area surrounded by the city.

The Clearwater Ranch Community spans over 84 acres, and it offers various housing options, including rented houses for developmentally disabled adults and licensed senior care homes. The property also boasts a large pond with water rights, as well as a reliable well system. The community is self-sufficient and has no issues with water supply.

We also discuss future plans for Clearwater Ranch, which include expanding the housing options for developmentally disabled adults. The current configuration of the residences can support 16 adults, but to ensure the community’s sustainability, we aim to accommodate 20 to 24 individuals. Our goal is to provide inclusive and integrated housing while maintaining low-income and affordable housing options.

Furthermore, we touch upon conservation efforts in collaboration with the Porterville Creek preserve. We are investigating the possibility of preserving adjacent acres for agriculture or recreational use, in alignment with the desires of the community members.

Join us as we explore the unique features and vision of the Clearwater Ranch Community. Subscribe to our channel and stay tuned for more updates on this exciting project!

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