Anna Amati, Partner at EUREKA! Venture SGR, to Participate in NAStartUp’s StartUpPlay

# EUREKA!VentureSGR: Transforming Italian Research into Innovation

Welcome to the official YouTube channel of EUREKA!VentureSGR, a dynamic startup investment firm led by entrepreneur Anna Amati. In this video, Anna Amati, co-founder of EUREKA!VentureSGR, shares the story behind this exciting initiative and the impact it’s making in the world of innovation.

EUREKA!VentureSGR was born out of the collaboration of diverse individuals with extensive experiences in different sectors. In 2017, backed by the European Investment Fund and Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, we embarked on a new challenge to create a fund dedicated to technology transfer from Italian research centers and universities.

Led by Stefano Peroncini, Salvatore Majorana, and Meta Group, and with the valuable addition of Massimo Centini, a renowned physicist, our team is highly complementary, combining expertise and skills from various fields. Together, we launched the first fund under EUREKA!VentureSGR called “EUREKA Fund”.

EUREKA Fund focuses on investing in initiatives generated by Italian research institutions and universities, particularly in the field of advanced materials. We support researchers at different stages of their projects, starting from early-stage exploratory concepts with investments of up to €250,000, to already established startups with investments of up to €1.5 million.

Our investments are guided by the pursuit of innovation in the advanced materials and materials engineering sectors. We evaluate startups not only based on their technological advancements but also on other key parameters. A strong and cohesive team is crucial, and we go beyond initial impressions to thoroughly assess the founders and co-founders.

We believe in the importance of continuous support for startups, as their growth is not always linear. Our team remains involved in monitoring and advising, ensuring the timely execution of their vision and mission. Additionally, we recognize the significance of intellectual property in the hardware-focused startups we invest in, as it plays a vital role in potential industrial exits.

If you’re a startup or a research project looking to collaborate or seek investment, we welcome you to connect with us. You can find us on LinkedIn or visit our website at [EUREKA Venture]( to explore the dedicated section for submitting your projects.

In addition to EUREKA Fund, we also manage a fund called “Black Sheep” that focuses on investments in deep tech. So, whether your startup falls under advanced materials or cutting-edge tech categories, we encourage you to share your ideas and initiatives with us.

Join us on this exciting journey of transforming Italian research into innovation and making a significant impact on the startup ecosystem. Subscribe to our channel for more insightful updates and interviews with inspiring founders.

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