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## Title: Exploring the Investment Strategy of Forbion, a Leading European Biotech Venture Capital Firm with Juliette Audet

### Description:

Welcome to this conference where we delve into the investment strategy of Forbion, a prominent European venture capital firm with a strong focus on biotechnology. With €1.7 billion under management, Forbion has been making headlines in recent months with its growth fund of €305 million and the successful closing of Forbion V at €450 million.

Throughout its history, Forbion has been involved in all stages of biotech companies, from inception to crossover and beyond, with a specific emphasis on drug development. Some of Forbion’s early investments include Argenx (ARGX; market cap €10 million), Uniqure (QURE; market cap €2 billion), as well as clinical-stage companies like Promedior (acquired by Roche for €1.4 billion), Dezima Pharma (acquired by Amgen for €1.55 billion), and Prexton Therapeutics (acquired by Lundbeck for €905 million).

Join us as we analyze the investment strategy of this influential player in the European biotech landscape, with Juliette Audet, Partner at Forbion.

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Forbion, qui dispose de 1,7 Md€ sous gestion a fait l’actualité ces derniers mois avec son fonds growth à 305 M€ et Forbion V bouclé à 450 M€. Ce VC qui balaye l’ensemble de la vie des biotechs depuis la création, jusqu’au crossover et au-delà, se focalise sur le médicament. Parmi les investissements de la première heure de Forbion se trouvent Argenx (ARGX; capitalisation boursière 10 M), Uniqure (QURE; capitalisation boursière 2 Mds$) ainsi que des entreprises au stade clinique telles que Promedior (acquise par Roche pour 1,4 md€ ), Dezima Pharma (acquis par Amgen pour 1,55 Md€ et Prexton Therapeutics (acquis par Lundbeck pour 905 M€).

Nous décryptons et analysons la stratégie d’investissement de cet acteur clef du paysage européen avec Juliette Audet, Partner chez Forbion.

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