Jeff Chau on the Future of Mobile Esports: BITKRAFT Summit LA 2020

**Mobile Esports: An Exciting Overview of a Booming Industry [Presentation by Jeff Chau]**

Welcome to this engaging and inspiring presentation on mobile esports by Jeff Chau. In this video, Jeff provides a comprehensive overview of the games, geographies, player demographics, and the exciting tailwinds driving the industry. If you’re an esports professional, this is a must-watch!

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In this video, Jeff Chau, an industry expert with extensive experience in mobile esports, takes us on an exciting journey through the world of competitive gaming on mobile devices. As the CEO of Game Gather, a popular mobile social esports app, and a key player in the mobile esports initiatives of renowned teams like Immortals, TSM, and Team Liquid, Jeff brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table.

**The Growth of Mobile Esports in Asia:**
Mobile esports has witnessed a remarkable rise, particularly in Asia. While it’s still in its early stages in other parts of the world, its popularity and immense potential cannot be ignored. Jeff sheds light on the booming mobile esports scene in Asia and shares captivating footage from a mobile esports event in China, showcasing the undeniable rockstar status of professional mobile gamers.

**Mobile Esports: Breaking Stereotypes and Making Waves:**
Jeff challenges the stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding mobile esports. He dives into the incredible growth and market dominance of mobile gaming, especially core multiplayer games. Core games on mobile, such as Honor of Kings, PUBG Mobile, and Free Fire, have garnered millions of players and generated billions in revenue, making mobile esports a force to be reckoned with.

**The Massive Potential of Mobile Esports:**
According to industry predictions, mobile esports is poised to become a groundbreaking $100 billion industry in 2020. With a staggering 25% market share surpassing all other gaming platforms combined, mobile has emerged as a dominant force. Jeff highlights the enormous opportunities that lie ahead, emphasizing the transformative power of a single game to revolutionize the esports landscape, just as Starcraft, Counter-Strike GO, and League of Legends did for PC gaming.

**Success Stories and Inspiring Growth:**
Jeff explores the success stories of major mobile esports titles, showcasing how a game can catapult a company to unprecedented heights. Garena’s Free Fire, for instance, has experienced astonishing growth, resulting in significant valuation and revenue gains. The impact of mobile esports is evident in the performance of gaming stocks, with Garena emerging as the top-performing gaming stock of last year, growing at a remarkable rate of 255%.

**Mobile Esports: A Global Phenomenon:**
While mobile esports is yet to gain full traction in the West, it has taken the rest of the world by storm. Jeff sheds light on the growing popularity of mobile esports in regions like Brazil, Southeast Asia, and China, delving into the factors driving this phenomenon. He highlights the rapidly expanding player base, the rising interest in core multiplayer mobile games, and the establishment of dedicated gaming centers, known as PC bongs, in countries like Vietnam, Indonesia, and Korea.

Mobile esports is on the cusp of a radical transformation in the esports industry. As Jeff eloquently explains, mobile gaming has transcended traditional boundaries, becoming a powerful platform for thrilling, competitive gameplay. With its enormous market potential and a wave of exciting games on the horizon, mobile esports is poised to make a lasting impact.

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Watch this engaging and inspiring presentation by Jeff Chau on mobile esports. Jeff is providing a broad overview on the games, the geographies, the player demographics, and the industry’s exciting tailwinds. A must-watch for every esports professional!

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