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Freehand by InVision: Unlocking the Future of Visual Collaboration with Intelligent Canvas

Cross-Functional Work is Paramount

InVision has spent the last decade focusing on ways to help teams collaborate effectively and efficiently. Starting in design, the company has worked to bring teams to the table to thoughtfully hone and hand off their work. With the introduction of Freehand, InVision’s cross-functional teams can now brainstorm, ideate, and connect easily across entire organizations.

Visual Collaboration Must be Pervasive

InVision knows there is simply too much friction in leading Visual Collaboration solutions. Current per-seat pricing is too high and user experience is unintuitive. Today’s pricing models are optimized for departmental work, but are an impediment for true cross-functional teams. InVision believes that the canvas has to move beyond the digital whiteboard. In addition, there isn’t a tollbooth in your conference room, so why should there be one in your collaboration tools every time you bring a new teammate in?

The Canvas has to Move Beyond the Digital Whiteboard

InVision has seen first hand how the real-time multiplayer canvas can unlock a team’s ability to work together. However, cross-functional teams do more than just brainstorm and ideate, and the canvas has the opportunity to move beyond objects to truly unlock productivity and transform how teams do their work.

Introducing the Intelligent Canvas

InVision has been working on a new technology that greatly unlocks a new world of potential on the canvas. The Intelligent Canvas is a major advancement in visual collaboration that brings deeply immersive and interactive experiences to the canvas that previously were only possible in purpose-built standalone solutions. By incorporating this directly onto the canvas, it also unlocks a vast array of use cases through structured data, automation, and improved productivity.

The Intelligent Canvas consists of three key components:

1. Smart Objects:

InVision has created a method to deploy highly interactive objects that contain their own data and can also interact with other objects on the canvas. Smart Objects are developed using our WidgetSDK which gives the power of the canvas to anyone who can code in React.

2. Connectors:

InVision is creating the methods to take advantage of the data models in Smart Objects to add intelligence and automation to workflows. Any user can create their own workflows using Smart Objects and connectors including data interpretation and transformation between objects.

3. Bidirectional Integrations:

Because the canvas now includes data models, the ability for integrations to sync bidirectionally with common tools across the organization is unlocked. This creates a more seamless exchange between tools and less abrupt context switching.

Tasks and Team Activities

InVision is thrilled to announce that Tasks and Team Activities are available to use today in open beta. Try these new features in our getting started template, and see specific use cases in our template gallery.

A more Inclusive Experience

InVision believes that cross-functional work is at the core of what drives the biggest business outcomes. With the launch of Freehand’s intelligent canvas, organizations can realize a more inclusive experience, a more agile team, and productivity gains. With Freehand by InVision, organizations can also enjoy a no-code bespoke workflow that is tailor-fit to their specific needs.

The Future of Work Centers Around the Canvas

InVision is just getting started with its deep investment in the future of work. In the coming months, it will be adding more Smart Objects and connections, not just with objects on the canvas but also third party services such as OpenAI to deeply transform and accelerate intelligence and automation on the canvas. Stay tuned as InVision continues to innovate with Freehand and unlock organizations’ true potential.

Learn more about this exciting development in visual collaboration at and follow InVision on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

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