Introducing Itziar Estevez: A Partner at Iris Capital

# [Itziar Estevez on Venture Capital and the French-German Axis | Bits&Pretzels Interview](

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🎉 Welcome to this insightful interview with Itziar Estevez, a seasoned venture capitalist with extensive experience in investment funds for startups crossing the Rhine. Join us at [Bits&Pretzels]( to gain valuable insights from industry experts like Itziar! 🌟

In this interview, Itziar Estevez, a prominent venture capitalist at Iris Capital, shares her invaluable expertise gained from a decade of international investments in the tech industry. Hailing from Spain, Itziar highlights the significance of the French-German axis in fostering the growth of European champions. 🚀

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At Iris Capital, a prominent European venture capital fund with physical presence in France and Germany, we invest in both early and late-stage companies across various verticals and topics. Our diverse portfolio includes promising companies like Exotec in warehouse robotics and Photo Freight Forwarding in insurance and claim automation. 📈

The French-German axis presents unique challenges for startups due to geographical proximity; however, at Iris Capital, we actively promote and support their internationalization phase. French startups seeking help from German investors to expand their operations across the Rhine can benefit immensely from our expertise. Additionally, having a strong presence in both ecosystems can greatly empower our portfolio companies. 🌍

We’ve noticed a growing trend of French entrepreneurs relocating to Munich, recognizing the importance of this vibrant market. Initiatives like the Delegation of the French Tech in Munich and the French Corner at Bits&Pretzels further strengthen their presence and offer unparalleled opportunities for French startups to gain visibility in the German market. 🇫🇷🇩🇪

Itziar Estevez urges French entrepreneurs to seize the chance to explore the Bavarian and German ecosystems without hesitation. Don’t wait too long, as taking the first steps early can be crucial for success. The future looks extremely promising for startups in Munich. 🌟

Don’t miss out on all the excitement—join us at Bits&Pretzels and experience the unique blend of entrepreneurial spirit and Bavarian traditions like Oktoberfest! 🍻 See you there! 😉


In this interview, Itziar shares her insights in venture capital thanks to her extensive experience in investment funds for startups crossing the Rhine. Looking forward to seeing you at Bits&Pretzels !

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