Ashley Osmecki: Class of 2023 at Emerson College Specializing in PR, Digital Storytelling, and Global Experiences

**Title: Ashley Osmecki: A Renaissance Woman’s Journey to Leadership at Emerson College | Emerson Mafia | Paint on Politics**

Join us as we dive into the inspiring story of Ashley Osmecki, a talented student graduating as part of the class of ’23 and officially joining the ranks of the Emerson Mafia! Hailing from Rosarito, Mexico, Ashley has embraced her Emerson experience with wholehearted enthusiasm, from shedding tears of joy at the FC Barca stadium – Camp Nou to her incredible leadership skills. Discover how Emerson College has always been Ashley’s Camelot.

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Welcome to *Paint on Politics*, a podcast where Dr. Gregory Payne of Emerson College sits down with fellow experts to discuss the current state of politics, public opinion, and global affairs. In a world growing increasingly complex, communication and critical thinking are key. This only makes the Emerson motto, “Expression Necessary to Evolution,” even more true.

Hello, this is Dr. Gregory Payne, the chair of communication studies and co-chair of the Emerson Blancarenda Global Center. Here at *Paint on Politics*, we bring you the latest insights from beautiful Boston, overlooking the iconic Boston Common. Joining us today is Ashley Osmecki, a true Renaissance woman and an integral part of the Emerson College community.

Ashley, welcome to the podcast!

*Thank you for having me!*

Ashley, you have truly made your mark at Emerson College, getting involved in numerous areas and leaving a lasting impact. If I were to ask you, what is Ashley’s brand, how would you describe it?

I love this question because it’s something I’ve struggled with. I think my brand is that I’m brandless. I’m a silly person who likes to explore and get involved in various things. It’s eclectic and therapeutic, and I’m still on a journey to find my true brand, which I believe is part of the college experience.

From what I’ve seen, you truly enjoy the process rather than just the end result. You’ve proven yourself to be detail-oriented and have organized incredible events. What is it about public relations and the communicative floor that brings you joy?

My interest in public relations stems from my background in the hospitality industry. I’ve always enjoyed connecting with people and being the bridge between them. The eighth floor, where so much happens, is a reflection of what I love about PR. As for being detail-oriented, it comes from my pre-college experience in the restaurant industry, where every second and little detail matters.

Your attention to detail was evident during the film festival in Rosarito last year, and we’re hoping you’ll be part of organizing it again this year. But let’s talk about your recent journey to Barcelona. You had a transformative experience at the Barca stadium, Camp Nou, to the point of shedding tears. Would you say soccer is like a religion for you?

Absolutely. I always say that soccer is my religion, especially because games are often on Sundays. It’s my way of having a religious experience and watching matches all day. Going to Camp Nou felt like a pilgrimage. The emotions of what it means to the people, the sense of joy and connection… That’s why I’m passionate about sportscom, soccer, and football. They hold such profound meaning, almost like a religion. You pray for these teams, and it brings immense joy.

We often talk about fandom and the excitement surrounding sports. Barca has a special place in the hearts of the Catalan community. Did your visit to Barcelona give you a deeper understanding of why Barca is so important to them?

Absolutely. Catalonia has a rich history, and the people have been fighting for their independence for a long time. Going to Barcelona allowed me to witness their strong sense of community and the value they place on their language and heritage. It’s something that deserves more attention and discussion.

During your visit, you also explored the Olympic Museum and various venues. What did you take away from that experience?

The stadium and the museum were both incredibly beautiful. The museum, in particular, was another profound experience. It highlighted the significance of sports to a community. The Barcelona Olympics was a pivotal moment for the Catalan people, symbolizing their fight for independence. Standing in the arena, feeling the history and importance, was truly special.

Let’s shift gears to your experience in Rosarito. We know it holds a special place in your heart, especially as an organizer of the film festival. What did you take away from your time there?

Rosarito was a unique experience because it went beyond just a vacation. We were there with a purpose, to tell stories and build bridges rather than walls. Connecting with the community on such a deep level was a privilege. After the film festival, some of my classmates were relieved it was over, but for me, it was a labor of love. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. Working hard and being detailed-oriented to create something meaningful for people is what I’m passionate about.

Rosarito’s charm lies not only in its film industry but also in its incredible food and the Boys and Girls Club’s Hugo Torres soccer tournament. What stood out to you during your visits there?

The highlight of visiting Rosarito was the deep connection we made with the community. It’s not something you typically experience on a regular vacation. We were there for storytelling, and that created a special bond. My classmates were relieved when the festival ended, but I was ready to do it all over again. The experiences we had there were truly unique and important.



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Ashley Osmecki is one of the many talented students graduating as part of the class of ’23 and officially becoming a member of the Emerson Mafia! From Rosarito, Mexico, to shedding tears of joy in the FC Barca stadium – Camp Nou, Ashley has always approached her Emerson experience with wholehearted enthusiasm. Tune in to hear the story of her leadership and how Emerson College was always her Camelot.

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