Interview with Robert Carroll of Sofinnova Partners on the Occasion of Invest Europe’s 40th Anniversary

**Title:** The Role of Venture Capital in Saving the Planet and Building the Companies of the Future


Are you wondering how venture capital can help create a better future? Join Invest Europe as we celebrate our 40th anniversary with a look at the important role that venture capital plays in our world.

In this video, industry experts discuss the power of teamwork and the significance of experience and resilience in the world of venture capital. They also share their perspectives on the impact of biotech and life sciences, revealing how these industries are playing a vital role in solving some of the planet’s most significant challenges, such as global warming and resource depletion.

As venture capitalists, we believe it is our responsibility to take the best ideas and technologies and convert them into the companies and products that will shape the future. Our goal is to connect innovation to the real world and to train the next generation of entrepreneurs to think critically, creatively, and ambitiously.

Join us and learn how venture capital is helping to save the planet and build the companies of tomorrow. #vid_tags


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