Alstom Electric Multiple Unit of SNCF Departing from Gare d’Avignon Centre Occitanie #sncf #shorts

Experience the thrill of the SNCF Alstom as it sets off from the Gare d’Avignon Centre railway station. This local liO regional TER train belongs to the Occitanie region of southern France, and you’ll get to witness its impressive speed and power in this video. Captured in May 2023 by Locomotion Motion, this footage showcases the beauty of French Railways, also known as SNCF.

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In this video, you’ll witness the impressive Bombardier Autorail, Electric Multiple Unit, Diesel Multiple Unit, and iconic Alstom in action. As the train whizzes by, you’ll be in awe of its sheer size, speed, and the efficiency of French railways. The Gare d’Avignon Centre is a popular railway station that connects several cities such as Nîmes and Marseille, so this region is an exceptional destination for train lovers.

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Some great SNCF Alstom action as this set leaves Gare d’Avignon Centre railway station. This is a local liO regional TER train for the Occitanie region of southern France. Filmed in May 2023 by me.

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