Interview with Dr Reuben Wilcock on the Blackfinch Spring VCT: A Promising New Venture Capital Trust

**Title: Blackfinch Spring VCT – Investing in Tech-Enabled Companies | Interview with Reuben Wilcock**

Welcome to Wealth Club! In this interview, we sit down with Reuben Wilcock, the man at the helm of Blackfinch Ventures, to discuss the newly launched Blackfinch Spring VCT. This venture capital trust is focused on backing early-stage tech-enabled companies in their scale-up and growth stages. Discover more about the background of Blackfinch and Dr. Wilcock’s own experience, as well as the type of companies the VCT looks to invest in. Gain insights into some of the notable investments made by Blackfinch Ventures, including Kinteract, Tended, and Kokoon. Learn about their deal flow strategy and the level of involvement with entrepreneurs. Find out why VCT investors should consider Blackfinch Spring VCT. For further details on Blackfinch Spring VCT, including documents, reviews, and investment opportunities, visit [Wealth Club]( Please note that the opinions expressed in this video are the interviewee’s own and do not necessarily reflect the view of Wealth Club Limited. Investments in Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs) carry higher risk and are less liquid than mainstream investments, thereby potentially resulting in lower returns. Tax benefits and rules are subject to change and depend on individual circumstances. If you’re unsure whether a VCT investment is suitable for you, please seek professional advice.

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**Video Transcript:**
[00:00] Interviewer: Hello, I’m Alex Davies, founder of Wealth Club. Today I’m with Reuben Wilcock of Blackfinch Ventures to talk about the Blackfinch Spring VCT.
[00:30] Reuben: Well, Blackfinch is an investment specialist with 25 years of experience in the tax-efficient space. We’re launching the new Blackfinch Spring VCT, a generalist, tech-enabled VCT that focuses on great tech companies in the scale-up and growth stages of their journey.
[01:20] Interviewer: Reuben, could you share your background and that of Blackfinch to understand your qualifications for this venture?
[01:48] Reuben: Blackfinch has a rich heritage and has grown to managing £320 million in assets since its launch in 2012. As for myself, I have a PhD in electronics and a background in academia, startups, and startup acceleration. I founded and exited Joulo Ltd and set up the startup accelerator Future Worlds. I also serve as a Research Fellow at the University of Southampton’s Faculty of Physical Sciences and Engineering.
[02:54] Interviewer: What kind of companies does the Spring VCT aim to invest in?
[03:13] Reuben: The Spring VCT targets companies in the growth stage, particularly those in the tech-enabled sector. We seek strong founders and motivated teams who possess a deep understanding of growth levers. Our focus is on companies that demonstrate the ability to achieve predictable returns on their marketing investments.
[04:39] Interviewer: Can you provide us with some examples of companies you’ve invested in through your EIS portfolio?
[05:10] Reuben: Absolutely! Let’s start with Kinteract, an EdTech company that digitizes learning records for children, enabling seamless educational progression. We’ve also invested in Tended, a wearable device company that provides safety solutions for individuals such as lone workers. Lastly, Kokoon, a sleep technology company that develops headphones with biosensors for personalized, relaxing sleep experiences.
[07:03] Interviewer: How does Blackfinch source its deal flow?
[07:27] Reuben: We have a dedicated pipeline team at Blackfinch that actively identifies potential investments. Our sources include accelerators, incubators, our own networks, and a cutting-edge research platform that enables proactive outreach to startups and early-stage companies.
[09:59] Interviewer: What can investors expect from Blackfinch Spring VCT and how does it differ from other VCTs?
[10:38] Reuben: Blackfinch Spring VCT offers investors the opportunity to participate in the growth of promising tech-enabled companies. While dividends may not be paid out immediately, investors can benefit from the potential upside as these companies mature. It’s important to note that VCTs carry higher risk compared to mainstream investments and returns may vary. Blackfinch Spring VCT stands out with its focus on the tech-enabled sector and our team’s expertise in identifying and supporting high-potential businesses.
[11:28] Interviewer: Thank you, Reuben, for sharing valuable insights about Blackfinch Spring VCT. To learn more and explore investment opportunities, visit Wealth Club’s dedicated page on [Blackfinch Spring VCT]( Remember, investments should be made after careful consideration of your individual circumstances, and professional advice is recommended.

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* New [2022] interview here:
The first brand-new VCT in years, Blackfinch Ventures – part of the Gloucester-based Blackfinch Group – is launching this new fund as part of its strategy to back early-stage tech-enabled companies. We meet man-at-the-helm Reuben Wilcock, whose background is in entrepreneurship – he founded and exited Joulo Ltd, set up the startup accelerator Future Worlds, and is a Research Fellow at University of Southampton’s Faculty of Physical Sciences and Engineering. Here are some of the Q&A featured in this interview:
00:00 What is Blackfinch’s background and Dr Wilcock’s own experience?
01:20 What sort of companies will the VCT look to invest in?
– 02:09 Investing in Kinteract
– 02:54 Investing in Tended
– 03:44 Investing in Kokoon
04:39 How does Blackfinch get its deal flow?
06:23 How much risk is involved?
07:03 What should investors expect from going into a new VCT compared to a more mature one?
07:45 Why do enterpreneurs come to Blackfinch? And how involved do you get with their business?
09:59 How much will you invest per deal? Will the VCT be big enough to follow its money in the future?
11:28 Ultimately, why should VCT investors consider Blackfinch Spring VCT?

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The opinions expressed in this video are the interviewee’s own and do not necessarily reflect the view of Wealth Club Limited. This interview, like our service, is not advice and the products featured are not suitable for everyone. Venture Capital Trusts are higher risk and less liquid than mainstream investments. You could get back less than you invest. Tax rules can change and tax benefits depend on your circumstances. If you’re unsure an investment is right for you, please seek professional advice.

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