In-Depth Analysis: Japan’s Economy Poised for Recovery – Progress, Pace, and Duration Examined – June 2, 2023

## **Title: Japan’s Economy on a Recovery Track: A Deep Dive Discussion with Leading Experts**

Welcome to Thorne Correspondence Cloud of Japan! In this Deep Dive event, we have assembled a panel of experts to discuss Japan’s economy on a recovery track – how far, how fast, and how long. Our esteemed speakers include:

– Dr. Robert Feldman: Senior Advisor at Morgan Stanley MUFG Securities, Tokyo. [[source]](
– Jesper Koll: Leading Japan Strategist/Economist. [[source]](
– Tohru Sasaki: Managing Director and Head of Japan Markets Research at JPMorgan Chase Bank and JPMorgan Securities Japan Co., Tokyo. [[source]](

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## **Video Description:**

In this engaging discussion, we explore the current status and future prospects of Japan’s economy amidst global challenges. As the Tokyo stock market reaches a three-decade high and with the recent change in leadership at the Bank of Japan, there is renewed speculation about shifts in monetary policy and the impact of Prime Minister Kishida’s “new capitalism.” Our expert panel sheds light on these issues and provides valuable insights.

First, Dr. Robert Feldman presents the global context of Japan’s economy, highlighting the unique aspects of Japan’s relationship with the world. He discusses key factors such as the end of deflation and the progress in wages, which are distinct from global trends. Dr. Feldman draws on his extensive experience and expertise to provide a comprehensive analysis.

Next, we zoom out to take a broader view of the Japanese economy’s future trajectory. Our experts explore Japan’s grand strategy to enhance its capabilities and achieve its aspirations. This strategy involves significant changes in both national and corporate governance, fiscal reform, and more. Gain valuable insights into the long-term trends that will shape Japan’s economic landscape in the coming years.

Despite the overall grim global macro situation, Japan stands out as the fastest-growing economy among the G10 countries. Driven by labor shortages triggering increased business investment and the rebuilding of supply chains, Japan’s growth rate is expected to exceed that of other nations. Join us as we delve into the unique dynamics of the Japanese economy and the factors driving its growth.


– Introduction to the panel of experts: 00:00
– Dr. Robert Feldman’s global context analysis: 04:32
– Discussion on current state of Japanese economy: 12:10
– Insights into Japan’s long-term economic strategy: 26:45
– Conclusion and key takeaways: 39:20

Stay informed about Japan’s economy and gain valuable insights from our expert panel. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain a deep understanding of Japan’s recovery track amidst global challenges. Watch the full video now!

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Robert Feldman: Senior Advisor at Morgan Stanley MUFG Securities, Tokyo.
Jesper Koll: Leading Japan Strategist/Economist
Tohru Sasaki: Managing Director and Head of Japan Markets Research; JPMorgan Chase Bank, N. A. Tokyo, JPMorgan Securities Japan Co.

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