Exploring Lighthouse Ventures: Episode 3 Unveiled

## **Welcome to the Lighthouse Ventures Podcast! Episode 3 – How Real Estate Investing Impacts Your Financial Freedom**

In this episode of the Lighthouse Ventures Podcast, Jennifer Barner, the founder of Lighthouse Ventures, delves into the topic of financial freedom and its connection to real estate investment. Join us as we explore the myths surrounding quitting your job solely through multi-family investing, the benefits of investing in single-family and multi-family homes, and how Lighthouse Ventures can assist you in achieving your financial goals.

**Keywords/Tags**: Financial Freedom, Real Estate Investment, Passive Income, Multi-family Investments, Single-family Investments, Wealth Building

## **Episode Transcript**

Hi, I’m Jennifer Barner, the founder of Lighthouse Ventures, and welcome to the third episode of Lighthouse Ventures Podcasts. Today, we will be discussing financial freedom and passive income. So, how do you define financial freedom? For me, financial freedom means having the ability to work where, with whom, how, and how often you want.

Now, let’s address the misconception about real estate investment and its impact on your career. Many people claim that you can quit your job within two years of getting into multi-family investing. However, this belief can be misleading. To invest in real estate, you need capital, and without a stable career, it may be challenging to afford properties or invest in apartment buildings. Therefore, I encourage you to start by purchasing a few properties, generate cash flow, maybe even flip a property for a lump sum, and then reinvest in larger projects over time. Eventually, the passive income from these investments can potentially reach a point where you can walk away from your traditional job. However, expecting this to happen in two years or less is not realistic. It is essential to develop a more extended term plan and strategy. Typically, achieving financial freedom through real estate can take around five to ten years.

Now, let’s dive into the benefits of investing in single-family and multi-family homes. Have you heard of “mailbox money”? This refers to the rental income that exceeds your mortgage payments. If you own a property without a mortgage, the entire rental payment becomes your cash flow. To determine the number of properties you need to achieve financial freedom, calculate your monthly family expenses. If, for example, your monthly expenses amount to $10,000, then you’ll need investments that generate enough rental income to cover that amount. However, if you have lower expenses, such as $5,000, then you’ll need properties that generate the corresponding cash flow. It is crucial to establish your financial freedom goal early in your real estate career and calculate your “live free number” – the total monthly income you require to sustain your lifestyle. Investing in properties that generate $400 to $600 per door per month in cash flow is generally recommended. Properties that fail to meet this criteria may not be ideal investments.

Next, let’s discuss the role of Lighthouse Ventures in helping you attain financial freedom and build wealth. At Lighthouse Ventures, we aim to eliminate the guesswork from investing in real estate. We carefully select the markets we invest in and assess the risks associated with each property. Our goal is to minimize investment risks for all parties involved, as we are investors ourselves. When partnering with us, you gain access to our experience and knowledge of the market without assuming the full liability. Over time, through distributions and sell proceeds, we help you maximize your returns and leverage the velocity of your money – something unique to real estate. It’s no wonder that more millionaires have made their fortunes in real estate.

Thank you for joining us on our third podcast episode. We are thrilled to have you here, and we encourage you to like and subscribe to never miss out on valuable wealth-building insights with Lighthouse Ventures. Stay tuned for the next episode, right here!

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Welcome to our third episode of Lighthouse Ventures Podcasts! Today we’re talking about financial freedom and how investing in Real Estate affects your career!

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