Hyatt Hosts #DisruptorSummit: Unveiling the Disruptor Moment 2 – A 90-Second Business Pitch

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Do you need a capital infusion to take your business to the next level? Is your pitch top-notch and ready to impress investors? Put your skills to the test with our 90-second “business pitch” challenge at the Disruptor Summit Pitch Competition! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

At the Disruptor Summit Pitch Competition, we offer attractive prizes, including a $15,000 grand prize, $10,000 first runner-up prize, and $5,000 second runner-up prize. But remember, these are not just gifts – they are investments in your business. Our goal is to identify and support businesses that have the potential for success.

Pitch competitions offer more than just monetary rewards. They provide an opportunity to connect with influential individuals who can invest in your business. As an entrepreneur, it is crucial to pitch your business to as many people as possible, building relationships along the way. Don’t wait for investment opportunities to come to you. Go out and seize them by attending conferences, venture capital events, and meeting angel investors.

Our Disruptor Summit Pitch Competition is a fantastic platform to meet potential investors and network with like-minded individuals. Even if you don’t win the competition, you might still attract the attention of an investor who sees the potential in your business. As evidence, many past participants in our pitch competitions have secured lucrative deals and partnerships that propelled their businesses forward.

Now, let’s introduce our next entrepreneur, Michael Fulton, founder of Biz Inc. Michael will have the chance to pitch his innovative business ideas in front of an esteemed audience gathered here in Atlanta. Join us in welcoming Michael!

In his engaging pitch, Michael highlights the mission of Biz Inc, a company committed to empowering talented individuals by eliminating knowledge barriers that hinder their success. Through their social robust connecting platform, Biz Inc aims to revolutionize business visibility by merging social marketing, freelancing, and booking into one integrated platform. This affordable solution enables entrepreneurs to enhance their social visibility, drive engagement, and level the playing field in the dynamic online business ecosystem.

Although Biz Inc is currently in beta mode, they project an average revenue per user of $105 per month as their user base expands. With a focus on marketing and innovation, Biz Inc aims to overcome challenges and continue its growth trajectory by enhancing UI/UX, implementing marketing automation, and launching specific campaigns.

Remember, time is of the essence during a pitch. Ensure that you convey critical information, such as revenue projections and business viability, early on in your pitch. Practice your pitch regularly to deliver a compelling presentation and make the most of every opportunity that comes your way.

Intrigued by the potential and success stories of our pitch competitions? Join us now for the Disruptor Summit Pitch Competition and unlock opportunities for your business. You never know who may be sitting in the audience, ready to invest in your entrepreneurial journey.

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Do you need a capital infusion for your business? Is your pitch on point? Test your game with a 90-second “business pitch”. Enter the Disruptor Summit Pitch Competition Now! You’ve got nothing to lose.

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