HealthTech Hour: Exploring the Disappearance of HealthTech Investment Funds

**Title: VC Investor Lina Zakarauskaite Talks Raising Money in Today’s Climate, Exciting Opportunities in Health, and How Blockchain Can Transform Academic Research | HealthTech Hour**

Welcome to this week’s HealthTech Hour on UK Health Radio with Steve Roest, where we bring you the latest news, views, and interviews with leaders, clinicians, CEOs, and investors who are revolutionizing healthcare in the UK and beyond. In this episode, Lina Zakarauskaite, VC Investor at Stride VC, discusses the challenges of raising funds in the current climate, the exciting prospects in the health space, and how blockchain technology can resolve the crisis in academic research.

Stride VC, founded by veteran investor Fred Destin, has a remarkable track record of funding some of today’s largest companies, including Deliveroo. Lina Zakarauskaite, the principal investor at Stride VC, shares insights into their investment strategy and the growing importance of health startups. As a scientist turned tech enthusiast, Lina’s journey into the tech ecosystem was unconventional but driven by the energy and potential she saw in the startup world.

During the interview, Lina sheds light on the difficulties she faced as she navigated her way into tech without an MBA and the power of engineered serendipity. She also discusses her association with Secret Escapes, a global travel marketplace, and how it served as a launching pad for her career in high-growth environments.

If you’re interested in learning more about the investment landscape, trends in health tech, and the transformative potential of blockchain in academic research, join us for this enlightening episode of HealthTech Hour. Don’t forget to check out UK Health Radio’s podcast form on Spotify to catch up on all the informative shows in the health industry.

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**Timestamp: 0:00 – Introduction and show overview**
**Timestamp: 1:20 – Lina’s background and journey into tech**
**Timestamp: 4:12 – Breaking into the tech ecosystem and overcoming obstacles**
**Timestamp: 8:46 – The role of New Entrepreneurs Foundation in Lina’s career**
**Timestamp: 12:35 – Lina’s experience at Secret Escapes and the concept behind the platform**
**Timestamp: 15:02 – Stride VC’s investment strategy and their focus on the health space**
**Timestamp: 19:48 – Blockchain’s potential in solving the crisis in academic research**

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This week’s HealthTech Hour sees Lina Zakarauskaite VC Investor at Stride VC talking to Steve Roest on what it takes to raise money in a tough climate like now, what gets Stride VC excited in the health space and why blockchain can solve the crisis in academic research.

Stride VC was founded by Fred Destin, a veteran VC investor who has funded many of the largest companies alive today, including deliveroo.

Fred also funded Seatwave, which was a long-term competitor to viagogo.

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