Honoring Bobby Digital: Unplugged E-Live Session on CVMTV

**Title:** Remembering Bobby Digital: Legendary Jamaican Music Producer | E-Live Unplugged


Join us on E-Live Unplugged as we pay tribute to the iconic Jamaican music producer, Bobby Digital Dixon. From his early passion for music engineering to collaborating with numerous renowned artists, Bobby’s contribution to the music industry is unparalleled. In this captivating show, host Judith Bodley takes us on a journey through Bobby’s remarkable career and his impact on the Jamaican music scene.

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**Transcript Excerpts:**

“When you hear the music, you know it’s the most interesting entertainment interview on television. I’m your host Jeff Bodley. This week, we honor the memory of the legendary Robert ‘Bobby Digital’ Dixon, a well-known Jamaican record producer. Bobby has worked on countless critically acclaimed hits.”


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On E-Live Unplugged, we remember the great music producer ‘Bobby Digital’ Dixon. From his early introduction to engineering and music producing, to the many artistes he worked with.

Judith Bodley hosts another stimulating show, remembering a legendary Jamaican music producer.

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