Gregory Dewerpe of A/O PropTech engages with Bloomberg to discuss the decarbonization of the real estate sector

# **Decarbonising Real Estate: The Role of Technology in Mitigating Climate Risk**
## *Interview with Gregory Dewerpe, Founder of A/O PropTech*

In this insightful interview on Bloomberg Markets: European Open, Gregory Dewerpe, the founder of Europe’s largest proptech venture capital firm, A/O PropTech, sheds light on the crucial role technology plays in decarbonising the real estate industry. As the world’s largest and most polluting asset class, real estate needs innovative solutions to combat climate change and mitigate environmental risks.

Dewerpe highlights three exemplary companies from A/O PropTech’s impressive portfolio – PassiveLogic, Satellite Vue, and Climate X – that are actively contributing to the decarbonisation of the built environment. These companies leverage cutting-edge technologies to reduce emissions and improve the efficiency of buildings, ultimately creating a more sustainable future.

PassiveLogic, for instance, has developed a fully autonomous building management system powered by artificial intelligence. By optimizing energy consumption and minimizing carbon emissions, their technology revolutionizes how buildings consume energy, making them smarter and greener[^1^].

Satellite Vue, another company supported by A/O PropTech, is launching a constellation of satellites capable of mapping out the carbon footprint and efficiency of buildings worldwide. This invaluable asset enables asset owners, policy makers, regulators, and cities to access real-time data and focus their resources on the buildings most at risk[^2^].

Additionally, Climate X offers stakeholders the ability to measure climate-related risks associated with climate change, such as increased temperatures and rising flooding risks. By accurately assessing these risks, proactive measures can be taken to safeguard buildings and infrastructures[^3^].

As Dewerpe emphasizes, combatting climate change within the real estate industry requires a coordinated effort between private capital, government entities, and policy makers. While private capital plays a vital role in driving innovation, governmental intervention is crucial through investments, tax incentives, and policy-making. By aligning interests and incentivizing all stakeholders, widespread adoption of green technologies can be achieved rapidly and at scale[^4^].

The urgency to address climate change is gaining traction among officials and regulators. While progress is being made, more concerted efforts are needed to bridge gaps in the market and overcome challenges such as split incentives. Governments must find ways to align the interests of asset owners and tenants, ensuring that retrofitting buildings becomes a mutually beneficial endeavor[^5^].

Stay up-to-date with the latest insights and solutions on decarbonising real estate by watching this informative interview with Gregory Dewerpe, a key player in funding climate solutions for infrastructure and cities[^6^].

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Speaking to Tom Mackenzie on Bloomberg Markets: European Open, Gregory Dewerpe, founder of Europe’s largest proptech VC A/O PropTech puts into context the role technology will play in decarbonising the real estate industry, the world’s largest and most polluting asset class. Gregory gives three examples from A/O PropTech’s portfolio – PassiveLogic, Satellite Vu and Climate X- that are helping to decarbonise the built environment and mitigate climate risk.

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