Fashion at all costs (1/4): the fast fashion

**Video Description: Mode à tout prix – Understanding the Fast Fashion Industry**

Welcome to “Mode à tout prix,” a short series dedicated to the fashion industry. In this first episode, we delve into the concept of “fast fashion” and its impact on the environment. When did mass production of clothing begin? Why do we continue to buy? And what exactly are the concrete pollutants?

Join us as we explore these questions and shed light on the fast fashion industry.

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**Keywords/Tags:** mode, fast fashion, écologie, shein, zara, inditex, hm, climat

– History of mass garment production: [Source](
– Environmental impact of fast fashion: [Source](
– Psychological strategies in fashion marketing: [Source](
– Pollution in textile production: [Source](
– Fast fashion and its consequences: [Source](
– Impact of fashion on CO2 emissions: [Source](

«Mode à tout prix» est une courte série consacrée à l’industrie de la mode. À quand remonte la production de vêtement en masse? Pourquoi continue-t-on d’acheter? Qu’est-ce qui concrètement pollue? La «fast fashion»: c’est la thématique du premier épisode.
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