Expected Liquidation to Begin at a Sears or Kmart Location in NJ by SB360 Capital Partners, LLC

### Is Sears or Kmart Closing in New Jersey? Cast Your Vote Now!

If you’re curious about which store might be closing its doors in New Jersey, then this video is for you! 🏬💔 We’ve heard rumors that either the Sears store at the Newport Center Mall in Jersey City or the Kmart store at the Westwood Plaza Shopping Center in Westwood might be shutting down. The official announcement is yet to be made, but next week, all will be revealed!

To make things more exciting, we’ve created a community poll where you can cast your vote on the store you think might sadly close. Just click the link in the video description below and let your voice be heard: [Vote Now](

We know you’re eager to find out, and trust us, this closure is definitely happening. So gather your thoughts, review the options, and make your prediction. Will it be the beloved Kmart or the iconic Sears? The anticipation is killing us too!

Thank you for joining us on this quick video. We hope you found it informative and engaging. Don’t forget to cast your vote and stay tuned for the big announcement next week. Stay subscribed, and we’ll catch you in our next update!

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Click the link here to vote of which location you think is expected to close:

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