Est-ce que Binance manipule ses utilisateurs en encourageant la vente de Bitcoin pour BNB ?

[Subscribe to Tony Crypto]( for the latest updates on cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more! In this video, Tony discusses the recent feud between Binance and BNB, with rumors of mass Bitcoin selling to support BNB. While CZ denies these claims, the Twitter community is buzzing with discussions. Share your thoughts in the comments section and don’t forget to subscribe and hit the bell icon to stay updated on real-time crypto news.

Before diving into the Binance controversy, Tony provides a quick market update. Tonight, the SSC will be speaking, which may result in market volatility. It’s crucial to stay informed and exercise caution when trading during these uncertain times. Currently, Bitcoin is around $26,000, Ethereum at $1,740, and BNB at [insert BNB price]. However, there’s speculation that the reported Bitcoin selling by Binance is false information.

Tony draws a parallel between Binance and FTX, citing the incident where FTX claimed to be solvent, but later shut down, causing panic in the market. Binance’s recent tweet stating that they have FTT holdings seems suspicious. Could this be a manipulation tactic to appease users concerned about the alleged BNB selling? It’s hard to determine who sold based solely on the price chart, as millions of traders are actively trading. These reassurances from Binance during this turbulent time are raising questions.

Meanwhile, there are reports of an ongoing internal conflict within Binance, potentially leading to the removal of Garriguez. The situation remains uncertain, and it’s crucial to monitor how it unfolds in the coming days. With the market currently in a state of panic and high volatility, it’s risky to invest a significant amount of money without prior knowledge of the outcome. Please exercise caution and be mindful of your investments.

In the comments, share your thoughts on whether you believe Binance is manipulating its users, your predictions for the future market direction, and any insights you may have. Don’t hesitate to like the video and don’t miss out on any updates by subscribing to Tony Crypto’s channel.

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  1. Bonjour… J'entends tes arguments et je me dis: mais qu'est-ce qu'il veut à la fin, ce mec ? Un chef d'entreprise de la trampe de CZ dont la principale source de revenu repose sur les investisseurs…Chaque fois qu'il y a un serieux FUD qui suscite un volume considérable de retraits, tu voudrais quoi? Qu'il se taise? Qu'il ne tente pas de rassurer ces investisseurs… Pour ensuite le blamer et le traiter de tous les noms? Et quand il tente de rassurer, tu te plains qu'il essaie à chaque de rassurer quand un tel FUD se produit… Non mais franchement !!! Tu es le FRENCHY TYPIQUE, mec. JAMAIS CONTENT… Tout le temps à se plaindre, pour un oui, ou pour un non…

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